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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Rise of Islam in Europe [by Todtom]

- by Todtom

Hello and welcome to all fellow British Patriots.

I feel a great sense of relief and pride that at last British citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the internal Islamic threat that as steadily been rising for the last twenty years.

I implore all British people (of any colour) to STOP THIS ISLAMIC CANCER from devouring and bringing the downfall of our GREAT and PROUD nation.

Please don't get confused by the terms 'Fundamental' and 'Moderate' all Muslims are taught that any non-believer is an Infidel and punishable by death. This you may think is an extreme view but before you cast your slurs, stop and think about this.

Firstly, all around Europe, especially accommodating liberal countries like France, Holland, Germany and Britain, have had a massive influx of peoples from Africa and the Middle East in the last twenty years.

A considerable amount of these migrants practice the Islamic religion. They have no intention of integration because they see the west as evil and perverted in its ways, demonic in the eyes of Allah.

Their purpose is so clear, they cannot instill their religious beliefs upon us by bomb or gun so they are using the art of POPULATION SATURATION meaning that they populate various parts of the country to such an extent that it becomes a Neo- Islamic area with its own laws and councilors in its community.

You, as a citizen of that country cannot put forward any constructive opposition to this situation because you will be shouted down with cries of RACIST or FACSIST.

Secondly, when the time comes and it will come if we do nothing but sit and watch, that our first Muslim Prime minister is elected( say sixty to seventy years from now at a guess) He or she (more likely a man) will slowly but surely start implementing various parts of Islamic law into English law. Our Church of England will have no avenues of objection because it is a firm believer in encompassing all religions and therefore cannot be seen attacking another religion for doing what they legally are entitled to do.

So once again I say, don't wait until your country is on its knees, stand up and be part of this rebellion.

March peacefully, Stand proud and rid your land of Islam.

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