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Monday, 29 March 2010

Real Islam: Educated Islamists

- by Ace (EDL)

How refreshing that the 'British' are slowly beginning to stand up for the principles of their country. The EDL and SIOE are ultimately the last chance to stop our traditional freedoms from being taken away from us not just by the islamists but our current government who has given up on the British people.

However, much of the mainstream media has not yet got its head around fully understanding what islam truly means. The extremists that we object to so much represent the true face of islam. The so called moderate 'muslims' ( of which there are actually few) which you say you do not object to typically represent the ignorant section of the muslim community.

This subgroup hold slightly more liberal views of islam. Not because of islamic teachings but through their own personality,conscience and level of literacy. They cannot bring themselves to support those things we commonly object to (such as stonings, beheadings, relationships with young girls,hatred of homosexuals,slavery, and so on) and so allege these activities are un-islamic.

The Koran and the Hadiths are quite clear as to how to be a devout muslim but the moderates do not wish to adhere to these as there is something in our human nature which pulls us away from such treatment of others.

The point I am making is that as with the MSM (much of it written by muslim authors or frightened white journalists) ypu confuse liberal islam with the true islam when really the true islam is much closer to the 'extreme'.

If you actually look at the Muslim activities (murder,terrorism) you will see that it is organised by highly educated muslims from around the world (doctors,scientists,politicians,etc) and not by 'ignorant' muslims who have 'misunderstood' the religion

Therefore until you address the origin of these, which is of course the teachings of Muhammed you will never get to grips with what muslims in Britain and Europe actually intend to do.

The BNP has done a much better job of actually understanding Islam and is not afraid to say so. If the EDl wishes to progress it will need to clarify that extremism and islam are actually good friends. Of course the MSM will jump to accusations of racism but they have done this allready with anyone who wishes to uphold Britain's principle of democracy.

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