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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On Muslims & Islam [by Mr Scabby]

- Mr Scabby

Correct me if Im wrong but!

Some years ago I remember there was some more verbal aggression from Moderate Muslims because in Birmingham there were billboards by the Mosque advertising swimwear and deodorants showing (free)women in swimwear and it was 'offensive to them'. This caused quite a stink from all sides and mentions on the news at the time.

This to me was another blatant example of how incompatible Islam is with 'Western' civilization.

Was it wrong to show women in scanty swimwear, maybe
Was it wrong to protest, no I suppose in a free society it's not!
Was it wrong to take those pictures down, ABSOLUTELY!

The point is we live in a 'free society' and in such a society you will see things you do not approve of but thats the point Im making - ISLAM is incompatible with Freedom because INTOLERANCE is taught as part of Islam.

Whilst I was smugly debating my (absolutely correct) position in my mind I carried on searching for Birmingham, posters, billboard etc . . . . and I came across an essay FROM a Muslim in a far off place somewhere in the East (I lost the link sorry before DUDLEY)

and this is where I would like any Muslims reading to correct me if this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He wrote about Islam and how the whole religion was based around peace.
He questioned the whole motive of the people protesting about the poster and basically called them hypocrites. He stated Internationally there is a list of 'Muslim Safe' Countries around the world and Britain was not one of them. He said that genuine Muslims who follow their peaceful Islamic beliefs would simply move if the host country offended them so much.
He accused the people of being hypocrites and their true reason for being in a non Muslim safe country was an economic reason.
He also stated that the pursuit of wealth and economic gain was forbidden in Islam, as is any trade in pornographic material, drugs, and alcoholic beverages.
and that the people who are driving this revolt are doing it for political and economic gains both forbidden in Islam!
and that they are USING the vehicle of religion (and all the benefits religion around the world has) for political reasons.

I happened to believe that that man had a lot of courage to write what he did.

Until we BAN any politics within religion and any associated powers it has then we will continue to have to put up with the rants of these individuals!

there ya go, thats my rant for the day.
All Muslims are not bad, but Islam unlike other religions IS POLITICALLY ACTIVE and unfortunately that is what we are seeing now today in England

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