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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On Mosques (2) [By Homo Sapien]

- by Homo Sapien

Let me tell you how these mosque things work. English people are driven out of community centres once muslims have enough people in an area. Old english ladies have told me how groups of muslims spat at them in their community centre, until the stopped going there and it was turned into a muslim community centre. Some old dears are practically living in their community centers in a state of siege to stop the muslims taking it over.

Once a community centre is muslim-only it can simply change itself into a mosque. No planning permission required. No possibility for local people to object.

Once it is a mosque, the 'call to prayer' will go out daily. If local non-muslims are lucky they can stop that (we succeeded there). This mosque is not only used for prayers but also used as a maddrassah - local kids will be seen in there rambling in incomprehensible arabic and being further indoctrinated. Non-muslims will leave the area, more muslims will come. When the density of muslims gets thick enough, there will be pressure on women to wear the burka (I see hundreds of women every day in burkas go past my house).

Many of the largest mosques in London were home of the various islamic terrorists we've had to deal with in the last few years. For every terrorist who's caught there are 100 who support them. The mosques have done nothing to rid themselves of this cancer. They keep demanding more and more government anti-terrorism prevention money, and are now demanding that money is given to them with no strings attached. The money is being used to further radicalize muslims in Britain.

Then the public displays will start. From London to Rome at the end of Ramadan hundreds or thousands of muslims (men only, of course) will gather in parks and squares to make a visible display that this is now an islamic country. It doesn't matter that they have got a huge mosque standing empty on that day. They are making a public display that they are now in control of this area.

Don't think that happens? Last year in Rome 10,000 muslims took over one of Rome's grand squares, despited the fact they have the bigges mosque in Europe in Rome. This display was illegal; it had been explicitly banned by the local government. The muslims displayed their contempt for the laws of the land and went ahead anywhere. Was this illegal act reported? Nope, hardly any news channels in the whole of europe reported it.

In this country they don't have to do it illegally. Our councils just agree to it.


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