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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On the Bible and the Koran [by Age of Enlightenment]

- by Age of Enlightenment

The quran and the bible are written under similar but not identical circumstances; in short the message (if it was divine) is lost. A lot of hearsay and rumors can be generated in history just within a few decades before the first piece of scripture is written on the subject, and if the message was passed on through Mohammads soldiers who went off memory, yet again this is clearly not an emacculate or divine conception of any kind. The religion of submission also shares a major trait with christianity that apparently omni-beings prefer to reveal themselves to the most illiterate and backwards parts of the world, as opposed to China or Rome where a sizable chunk of people know how to read and write (as well as record history).

So the message is lost in translation, or through chinese whispers; whichever text you wish to talk about.

The bible is inherently very political, and just like how many anti-islamists will accuse muslims of apologising for pedophilia because Mohammad married/screwed a young girl, likewise the same standard can be applied to christians who apologise for Jepthah for sacrificing his own daughter to yahweh, Joshua destroying whole cities of people of his enemies without remorse, and the story of Jesus being the pre-cursor for nearly 2,000 years of anti-semitism in Europe (since all jews are now christ killers). It doesn't mean christianity and islam are identical. That wasn't my point in the first place, somehow Waspish could see that, but not you.

If you want to fight apologists for evil, defenders of pseudo-science, and people who worship barbaric religions; then don't be the man creating white-washes for other faiths. Just because islam is inherently violent; right down to its origins and scriptures, certainly does not make other religions benign or morally superior. The bible is filled with very violent passages, there's very little that is relative.

The OT is bound by historical context? Right, so it's okay to dash babies heads on rocks, kill pregnant women, enslave others, kill worshippers of other religions, etc... since a omni-being says so? Then it's suddenly not okay because that same god decides to make a blood sacrifice to himself? That's some mighty fuzzy logic you are dragging a long with you. I suppose you will start apologising for the inherent racism in hinduism that was the basis for the caste system in India, as well as the Dalai Lama who had a system of government that was a tyrranical theocracy that tortured and imprisoned people who went against their religious leader. Maybe you'll even start apologising for the land-stealing settlers in Israel too. This doesn't end wars, it continues them on for an unthinkable amount of time.

What is even worse is that you've never read the bible. The NT is filled with the kind of anti-semitism that brought on the likes of Martin Luther, Adolf Hitler, Thomas De Torquemada, the Crusader/Inquisition persecution of jews, etc... Read Matthew 5:18-20, which highlights that until the end of the earth that the law (OT law) until it is fulfilled. If you break any of these laws and teach other men to do so, you will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. In short; any christian who teachers anyone else not to follow ANYTHING written in the OT is bound for hellfire. Clearly the authors of the bible have no problem with this, the same way the authors of the quran have no issue with waging wars against those who disbelieve, or idolators.

That brings on another point, just like in islam; christianity has a very warped view of reality and the afterlife. Both have a hellfire you can go to for ridiculous moral reasons, while allowing psychopaths, peodphiles, and mass-murderers into heaven. I could go on about this, but I think your knowledge on this topic is lacking. It's not moral equivalence or a tu quoque, but I am pointing that that watching someone condemn islam and muslims outright but supporting christianity is equivalent to seeing someone dismiss nazism but support any other kind of fascism.

Nobody said anything about justifying islam except you, but thanks for the red herring. The reason you don't see other religions committing terrorism is because you lack knowledge of history and scripture, thus you have a filtered view of religion. Only muslims ever commit evil acts in the name of their holy books, but when the catholic church covers up pedophillia when ANYONE ELSE caught molesting children would be put behind bars, or when Serbians start ethnically cleansing their neighbours because they're of a different faith, out comes the apologetic arguments.

Oh and nice job quote mining what I said by the way (referring to the part that you "couldn't resist"), since I was trying to prove that everyones experiences of religious followers vary, and cannot be used as your staple argument (well you can, but it puts people into a situation where they take your word over others, and since it wouldn't stand up in a court of law I wouldn't expect it to stand in a rational debate).

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