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Monday, 29 March 2010

No Such Race as Muslims

- by SteveCrossX

I feel I need to point out to some morons in the mass media, the Police, and politicians, that there’s no such race as Muslims! I think some of these people are on the forum reading this.

Muslimism, Islam, or Mohammedanism is a religion, and attacks on a particular religion or people who belong to that religion are called sectarianism, not racism.

What kind of crap has it come to when you’re not allowed to criticise religions because you object to them, but if the same ideas are put forward without being dressed up as part of a religion, then they’re not allowed? By this I mean sexism, attacks on freedom of speech (e.g. the book “The Satanic Verses” by ex Muslim Salman Rushdie), death threats, ritualistic murder, dress codes, employment discrimination, denying civil rights to people of all other religions, etc? This is what Muslims do!

Islam has never been about race, just about a bullying gang gaining power and crushing their enemies. Mohammed spoke Arabic, but at the time when he was alive, probably most Arabic speakers weren’t Muslim. Later on, Islam expanded to include lots of non native Arabic speakers, but they were ordered to learn Arabic and study The Koran in Arabic. Translations of The Koran were banned for some time.

There have been significant Christian minorities in Arabic speaking countries, but in recent decades they’ve been murdered or harassed into leaving while western governments stood by and did nothing. The most recent disasters include northern Cyprus, Lebanon, Kosovo, Iraq, and I think the situation in Egypt (about 10% Christian?) may be deteriorating.

I couldn’t believe it when western armed forces fought on the wrong side in Kosovo to “protect” Muslim Albanian invaders, then hand them more territory on a silver platter. It’s now a Muslim country and rest assured that unless something’s done soon it’ll be annexed by Albania!

At the end of the day, I think we need a Worldwide organisation to sort out the Islamic threat! Perhaps it could be called WAIDL (Worldwide Anti Islamic Defence League), or has anyone got a better name?

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