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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Muslims in the UK [by bk4theuk]

-by bk4theuk

Can anyone explain a few things that I really cannot understand?

Muslims are strong in their religion and beliefs. They have their religions catered for in their country of birth. They have the Mosques, sharia law and all the other laws that a Muslim would follow.

Why on earth then given all this would you as a muslim want to move to Europe or the UK?
If you don't like the way in which Western societies are run and the laws that go with them, what is the big attraction?

To then kick up such a fuss about your religion in your foreign country of choice, to the extent that mosques are now every where in the UK. Muslims now want to see sharia law brought in the UK too (Or is this just the muslim extremists?) I really don't know.

Would it not be easier to stay in your home country if your reasons for moving are not to intergrate with western countries as you don't agree with how they live?

I thought people migrated to the UK and Europe for a better way of life for themselves and their families, but it seems to me the muslims want to go everywhere and still have everything their way. So they must really like their culture and religion, which I don't understand why they left that in the first place from their country of origin.

I may be totally wrong when I say this but I can see no other reason for them wanting to be here other than wanting to eradicate all us non muslims.

I would not want to go to India and start creating hell about building me a church to cater for my religion, taking over with laws from my western society, getting houses built that face the right direction for my religious prayer. Let alone to face the prejudice that's bound to attract in such a diverse country than my own.

Anyone have any answers to the reason in which muslims want to come to the uk and expect to be fully catered for their religious needs and laws, while uprising against us and our laws at every given opportunity?

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