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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Moderate Koran? [by Tread Softly]

- by Tread Softly

When I first read the Koran I wondered how anything good could come from a book that was designed to literally scare the hell out of people. The feeling of fear you get from reading it is so different from the overriding feeling of "love" that you get from reading the New Testament (I'm atheist btw). Then I read the forum (which you should get all the UAF members to read, especially the Current Events section), and was just shocked at the hate that spilled out of every nook and cranny, especially from the male posters (rarely from the women).

But then I slowly learnt more and realised that only relates to a sub-sect of Islam called the Salafi or Wahhabi sect, and that other sects do not interpret their scripture in the same manner. The interpretation of scripture by some other sects (Sufi for instance) is more tolerant and would not necessarily, as far as I can see, lead to the immoderation you are talking about. The question remains, for me, as to the extent of the Salafi influence.

This is vital, as if EDL ends up saying "all Muslims are bad" or "Islam is always bad" then they will get no support and the very real need to address Islamic extremism will be marginalised.

The Salafi forum is Get people to create an account and read it, it will be sufficient to show them the problem, they don't need to hear anything from you. The Salafi fatwa site is Search for "slavery" or "zina" or whatever topic you want to see what the Salafis are told to think.

It is my belief at this time, although I may be wrong, that it is the Salafis that are the problem, not all of Islam. There is also the problem of a clash of communities in some places in the UK, but I believe that to be a different problem, more cultural than anything. The community problem will in my opinion be solved over time as long as immigration is controlled properly. But the Islamic extremism problem needs a different approach.

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