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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just a Rant [by Carlton]

Q did i feel right to go to demo on sat

A yes

i am sick of been called a racist, i am just proud of our way of life . in two great wars betwwen 1914-45 people of diffrent races and religions died to save our way of life infact they are still dying to save it sixty years later.

People think we are anti muslim but we are not, most muslim people wouls agree with our veiws in some way shape or form. they want nothing to do with extreamists bit feel that they are treated like a extreamist because of there religion. this is a bit like a irish man in the 70-80s been seen as a potential IRA member or with my self as i am half caste been called a drug dealler, in the past year i have been stopped at customs every time i have come iback into the country from working abroad so i understand how people feel been stereotyped.

according to the BBC today the goverment is spending £140m on tackleing extreamist veiws within young people, with 300 specailist police officers called "operation prevent " along with progames to stop forcecd weddings or hounour killing so the goverment do agree with our ideas.

some of the UAF who oppose us i think would also have the same veiws as us but feel it is the seen thing to oppose us because they have seen us in newspapers as racists. how many papers will have a phot of a black or asian person at the EDL demo?

yeas ago Mary Parkhirst and other females protested for the vote at the time people where against them but now they are seen as champion reformers

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