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Monday, 29 March 2010

Global Jihad

- by Isiahreborn

My horrid experiences of Islam go back thirty years when my business took me on a fairly regular basis to nine Islamic countries-five of them fundamentalist(Saudi Arabia,Pakistan, Northern Nigeria, the Sudan and Iran!). As a Christian my movements and my faith were virtually non-existent. Even the physical and verbal abuse of their OWN non-Muslim minorities was brutal in the extreme.

Now such treatment in those countries plus Indonesia is even worse and indigenous Christians are,almoston a daily basis beaten,tortured,killed, their womenfolk raped and their churches burned. Yet in our country-only just!- we allow to live here on benefits paid for by almost all the EDL members and supporters- cretins like Bin Okri, Abu Hamza(the infamous Dr Hook) and Anjem Choudary-to preach hatred and pure treason, to vilify our troops in Afghanistan, and then our putrid Government allows a mosque a week to be built-some in places where a church once stood. Do we EVER hear an apology from a Muslim cleric or the conniving Muslim Council of Britain for some of the acts committed by extreme fundamentalists?

I live in a pretty, mainly seventeenth century village which has only ONE big drawback. Four miles away is Luton not long ago voted the most unpleasnt town in England. No prizes for guessing why!

Now for the worst bit. Echoing the words of dozens of leading Islamic scholars and teachers since Islam was INVENTED in the early part of the seventh century AD, Abul A'la Mawdudi, one of the founding fathers of modern Islam wrote "THe prime aim of Islam is to bring about a world revolution". Just as concerning were the words of Dr Akbar Ahmed the noted Islamic writer only in 2003 "....although all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim"We must realise and remember that many verses in the Qu'ran and the sura state that it is the duty of every true Muslim(and so-called "'moderate'Muslims are not true Muslims) to take over any/all democratic governments and institute shari'a law. So,in effect the total idiots who form the leadership of the UAF are so stupid that they do not realise that THEY ARE EXTREMEFASCISTS THEMSELVES!

Personally, I wll resist any attempts by Islam to weaken my faith in any way. I will protest strongly any attemt to delete such words as Christmas, or to make me/us remove crosses and crucifixes from cemeteries and crematoriums or for that matter any other signs of my faith which has been good enough for me and my family and for this nation for almost 1400 years whilst gays, atheists, agnostics and non-Christians who have been here generally safely for hundreds of years would face extermination.

We cannot look for help from any weak,wet left-leaning liberal Government who for some extremely devious and totally irresonsible reason sucks up to Islam. We cannot expect it from the divided Anglican Church and its divide and divisive senior clergy or even the police, although various forces are beginning to realise that the UAF is the biggest supplier of good PR for the EDL!

I am more and more convinced that it is only the intervention of the EDL that can prevent this once great country of ours that we all love despite its present weaknesses being turned into a Muslim enclave and an Islamic state ruled by shari'a. Then ,God help us it truly would be like Hell on Earth.

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