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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The English Language [by Nottz_ben]

- by Nottz_ben]

Let me bore you by setting the scene!

Lets be clear - English is proudly a mongrel languague. It is a fusion of other languages, local styles, forced changed and only a smidge of complete uniqueness.

Our langauge is Germanic, meaning our closest relatives are German and Sweedish, with the romantics (Itialian Latin French and Spanish) playing a lesser but still a signifcant role. Rolling in last is Celtic the true mother toungue of the UK. Nobody knows this language anymore, for its roots we go to Islands near Iceland fo clues, but these days few Celtic words remain in our language - Two being "Crag" and "Boar"

Our Language is very much underappreciated as a tool for going back in time...English in fact is like archeology and can act as evidence for other historical events.

To me English is evidence of this nations adaptability and flexibility. English has NEVER EVER stayed the same - unlike inflexible French - and this constantant changing means our language reflects the time in which it was written, hence leaving a footprint of the past, and this can be traced - For example the Norman Conquerer brought French: Now French didn't have much of an influnce, at the time English, or what English was at that time, was banned but defiant, the British people held onto their language. Thish was made eaiser by rulers who stayed within their walls. Even so French brought to English words for Family Food and Law for example - Auntie, Lawyer, Beef, Cousin, Jury, pea.

Every invading force left something behind which piece by piece became English and this tradition continues. English as a world language is now being influenced by more langages than ever. We have pigins and creoles which have morphed English into versions we couldn't hope to understand. British English has literally been invaded by "Americanisms" From different spellings to words like Howdy - If your a hardcore patriot - then you should spell "Jail" as "Gaol".
And of course within Britiain we are still morphing our langauge as our dialects die in favor of Americanisms and as our youth culutre invents new words, and now we see japanese indian and Islamic culture adding to our lexicon.

We have the best the language in the world due to this flexibilty, it's what so many artists (those not having English as a first language) and writers want to do their art in. And where multiculturalism is concerned English is the best language because its fundemental nature is multiculutral. Go back 400 years and it still has at least 10 other languages which helped form it.
So what about the future? Well we could lock up this country and allow no one to enter or leave and in 100 years time English still wont be what it is right now, just as is the case with any to points of time you chose with a 100 year gap and less. This can be a scary thought to a lot of people, but that is the British way - and just remeber if your wanting to ensure English doesn't change then we can only assign to you the worst insult an Englishman can ever face - YOUR FRENCH!

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