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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Enemies of the EDL [poster's name deleted]

These are my own words and ideas and do not neccessarily represent those of the Leagues organisers, leaders or its supporters. This is a brief introduction to a much longer essay that will, due to time contraints, be posted at infrequent intervals and as each section is completed.


The long term goals of the EDL and its affiliate groups around that country have been stated many times, although they are perhaps still a little unclear as far as the general population is concerned. The media have painted the Leagues and their supporters as violent football hooligans from around the country who have laid aside old rivalries and gathered under a flag of convenience, with no clear political agenda. This is not the case, but what I have written is true nevertheless. Confused? It is precisely this sort of manipulation of the language and the truth that encouraged and enabled the police forces in the UK to arrest and detain the leaders and supporters of the EDL and SDL in Edinburgh on the 20th of February 2010. Using public order legislation (sec. 14-16 of the Public Order Act) a warrant was granted for these arrests under the guise of (an imagined) threat of violent conduct and breach of the peace.

Whether these warrants were legal is not in question, but the legality and morality of the actions taken by the authorities who granted them is. They have cherry picked and twisted the Defence Leagues message until it bears little resemblance to the original motivation; to highlight the threat of radical Islam within the United Kingdoms borders and to bring pressure to bear on the authorities to address that threat. Now, as far as the printed press (and therefore the public) are concerned, the DL’s are a gang of thugs bent on the violent repatriation of ALL Muslims, regardless of whether they are moderate, extremist, fundamentalist or otherwise (there are as many branches of Islam as there are of Christianity). They have conveniently ignored the thousands of non racist and non political members of the DL’s and have only focussed their attention on a few BNP supporters who have attempted to hijack the movement.

Leaving aside the legality of this for the moment, we must address the morality of it and ask the obvious question: Why has this happened? For many over a certain age, the memories of football matches ruined by hooligans running riot and the racially motivated beatings of non whites by the NF are still fresh and those memories have been reawakened by the scare tactics of a leftist media, paid for and funded in part by Marxists and Anarchist intellectuals with an agenda that requires the silencing of opposition to be effective. So they equate the DL’s with the bogeymen of Neo-Nazi resurgence and, in doing so, alienate all but those who are either unafraid of the tag or, unfortunately, relish it (this will be addressed later).

That’s their modus operandi; the left has always used name calling and the fear of being labelled a racist or fascist to silence its critics, even amongst their own shattered and fragmented ranks. But why are they so afraid of the league? It’s always been fashionable for young impressionable students to shout NAZI! at anybody over the age of 25 who regards this country as their own, their home, so its no real surprise that the UAF recruits its membership from the bars of student unions and numbers a majority of SWP and Marxists who have never done a days work in their lives among its ranks. The venom and outright hatred directed at the DL cannot simply be waved aside as the moronic sloganeering of pseudo libertarians though, there are darker and more sinister forces at work here, and they have a political agenda that would terrify those they claim to represent and support. Their aim is to cause racial tension in order to destabilise the country then present themselves as its saviours. So who are these manipulators and what is their aim?

Would you be surprised to learn that International Marxism is at the heart of the opposition to the league? They are using the hysteria created around the demonstrations to demonise the participants and the organisers as Neo-Nazis with a wholly racist manifesto. The DL is a working class movement, so they cannot bring out the hoary old Class War scarecrow into play so the next best thing is to taint it with the stink of Nationalism and involve the Unions, who are traditionally Marxist and militant, especially in places like Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. This is their greatest strength and yet may also prove to be their downfall. By allying themselves with the unions they run the risk of coming up against the spartist infighting that has rendered the Radical Left near impotent as a real political force.

They must not be dismissed however. The time is ripe for a new political direction. The right wing are dithering and trying to stay central in case the revolution doesn’t come about, while the left are trying to ignore the dissention and power plays within their own ranks, but we have seen long time Communists like Jack Straw gain high powered cabinet positions and the struggle for leadership of labour is plain to see. Unless we act now it’s only a matter of time before there is a coup d’état and we find ourselves living in The Soviet Republic of New Europe.

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