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Monday, 29 March 2010

The Birmingham 'Defeat' of the English Defence League

So Councillor Salma Yaqoob and the red fascists who lead and organise Unite Against Fascism think that they won in Birmingham on the 5th of September. They got what they wanted. The English Defence League decided it would not demonstrate in Birmingham again. The EDL said that ‘it was too violent’. Doesn’t that say it all? It was the EDL all along which was far more against violence than the UAF/SWP (though it did attract football hooligans). We should not be surprised by any of this. Everyone knows that the SWP leaders of the UAF are red fascists. That is, they don’t believe in Parliamentary democracy and they are also very keen on banning things. And then there is their penchant for violence as well.

Now it seems, however, that banning the EDL was not enough. Yaqoob soon after told the Birmingham Post that ‘the ground has to be cut from under the racists’ feet by a political campaign that challenges their racist lies’. One can only guess (or fear) what she means by this.

The SWP/UAF’s motto is ‘Unite against fascism - ban the BNP’. Now they want to ban the EDL as well. Who’s next? The group ‘Stop the Islamification of Europe’? They have already accused this group of being ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’. The English representative of Stop the Islamification of Europe does things for animal rights and is a friend of various Liberal MPs. I don’t suppose that will matter to UAF/SWP.

So what about banning every single group, indeed, every single person, who speaks out against Islamism and radical Islam? That is sure to follow. In fact, we are almost already there.

Finally, one image sticks in my mind. On the BBC Midlands news the day after the demo an EDL woman was shown speaking passionately against the possibility of sharia law restricting her rights as a woman. (It also showed Yaqoob stirring up her troops with her fists at the August 5th demo.) Do you remember when the far left used to believe in such things - before they made friends, dishonestly, with the Islamists?

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