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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Tory Party Sends Racist Messages to Diane Abbott?

Hang on a minute! 

What the hell justifies that massive jump from Diane Abbott receiving "racist messages" on social media to the Conservative Party and its supporters being responsible for them? This is cretinous party-political politics of the worst kind. It's like tying an apple to the moon landing in order to score a cheap and pathetic party-political point.

Diane Abbott is herself a race-obsessed and anti-white (excluding leftwing whites, I presume) politician. And then she receives abuse from similarly race-obsessed people. Isn't that karma?

In any case, social media is social media. 

This means that for every violent and threatening piece of abuse Diane Abbott has received on social media, Donald Trump, Theresa May and almost every other prominent politician will have received almost as many. That's the nature of the social-media beast. 

However, I'm happy to call the racist abuse (if it is indeed all racist abuse) moronic. That's because you don't need racism or abuse to argue against Diane Abbott. The main case against her is that she herself is racist against (non-leftwing) whites. Above and beyond that, almost her entire political life has been determined by her own blackness and by race-based issues. In other words, Diane Abbott is as obsessed with race as any National Socialist.

As for the abuse: what can you do about it - other than blame the Conservative Party? I don't know. You can severely limit free speech. I know that Radical Socialism/communism has traditionally been in favour of this. Though would that leftwing-induced censorship also include the rampant and violent abuse that many Corbynites deliver - on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - against the very many “enemies of the people"? That is, would it include the vicious abuse and tirades against Tory MPs, "Blairite vermin", "Lib-Dem filth", "the Rich" and those tens of millions of Naziracistfascistbigots! who dare not to be middle-class, white and leftwing?

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