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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Remainers Wait for the Right Referendum Result

Many British elections – both local and national – have resulted in the victors having only just “passed the post” by a small margin. In terms of various referendums, that's also true.

That's democracy, folks!

This shows us that it's obviously the case that the vast majority of Remainers would have very happily accepted the vote had it gone their way. They know that. Brexiteers know that. And just about everyone else knows that too. So let's have less of the fancy political footwork - and more honesty - from Remainers.

Yes, many Remainers are pretending that they have various technical and political problems with the actual 2016 referendum when, in actual fact, they only really have a problem with the result of that referendum. In theory, and using the same logic as that used by Remainers, every national and local election (along with every referendum) which has ever been held would need to be retaken... for one reason or another. In addition, had the election resulted in a Remain vote, then Brexiteers might also have found their own infinity of reasons as to why the vote should be retaken. Alternatively, they could argue that the pro-Remain referendum was only “advisory” in nature - or a direct result of interference from alien lizards...

Anything goes in politics, eh?

One meme from Remainers is that Brexiteers are attempting to stop them from “expressing their views” (i.e., post-referendum). Yet no one is expecting Remainers to "shut up" (as a Remainer put it) about their love of the European Union. Brexiteers are simply questioning their endless demands for another vote. Note the large difference between the two. Thus “moaning” isn't the issue. The issue is about the attempted subversion of a referendum. Now there are many (usually bogus) arguments against the referendum itself. But, then again, there have of course been many arguments against all referendums and democratic votes on any issue... from those who lost the vote!

Another Remainer meme is that all (or perhaps only most) Brexiteers are what one Remainer called “thickies”. Yes, many Remainers believe that everyone who dares to disagree with them is a thickie. They must also believe in mass Brexiteer "false consciousness" too. Surely that is itself a psychological result of the cognitive dissonance Remainers suffer when people dare to express a political position they disagree with. So if these Remainers attempted to develop some self-awareness, then perhaps their arrogant snobbery would dissipate somewhat.

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