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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Leftwing threat of vandalism against Thatcher statue

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has told us that a statue of Margaret Thatcher shouldn't be stopped simply because of fears of vandalism. These words were uttered in response to the monument not being erected as planned.

May said:

What I’m very clear about is there should be no suggestion that the threat of vandalism should stop a statue of Margaret Thatcher from being put up.”

It's not only a fear of vandalism that's the problem here. The Public Memorials Appeal Trust had its allocation rejected by an organisation which maintains the square. “Local campaigners” also have a problem with the statue. In the former case, it may simply be because the PMAT forecasts vandalism of the statue. In the latter case, the campaigners have a political problem with Thatcher. More specifically, conservationists are also worried that the statue will be vandalised by those people who didn't - and still don't - like Thatcher's politics.

The Thorney Island Society (TIS) was slightly less political when it said:

While Lady Thatcher was also widely respected, it cannot be said that she was uncontroversial in this country.

There is a strong case for the 10-year rule to be respected – there should be a decent interval before permanent statues are erected, especially when they are controversial enough to risk vandalism.”

Some of the people immortalised in monuments are also hated by large sections of the Left; including Winston Churchill (at Parliament Square) and Cecil Rhodes (at Oxford University). Indeed Churchill's statue has itself been vandalised and sprayed with graffiti by intolerant political activists and haters of Difference. More relevantly, in 2002 an activist cut off the head of a marble of Thatcher on display at London’s Guildhall Library.

Nonetheless, leftwingers love the monuments to those people they agree with; such as the Nelson Mandela statue also at Parliament Square.

The fact is that no matter who the well-known person is, there'll always be people who're outraged with the statues in their honour.

All this shows us yet again how intolerant and violent sections of the Left can be.

It doesn't matter what individual people or political groups think of Margaret Thatcher. She was a British Prime Minister who was elected PM on three different occasions. Of course violent and intolerant leftwingers think that what they believe is of supreme importance – even if most people disagree with them. You see, what they believe isn't supported by “false consciousness” or Tory evil. Therefore these views must be noted and acted upon. Of course other people may feel equally strongly about other things; though their non-leftwing views don't matter (unless they belong to the ethnic minorities).

I find it hard to comprehend how leftwingers can hate Thatcher (an elected leader) so much yet love people like the violent sadist Che Guevara, the mass killers Trotsky and Lenin, the dictator Fidel Castro (who ruled for fifty years – almost five times as long as Thatcher); and, yes, Corbyn – a supporter and fan of the IRA, Fidel Castro, Trotsky, Lenin, Hamas, Hezbollah and the former Soviet Union.

Sure, Thatcher wasn't perfect; though she was far better than many heroes of the Left. In any case, many people admired her and she was a British Prime Minister. The threats of vandalism simply show us how intolerant large sections of the Left are. They have a profound hatred of Difference, the Other and indeed democracy.

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