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Friday, 28 July 2017

Baby “shambles” over Brexit!

'Shambles' = A state of total disorder.

First things first. The Government, after Brexit, will not stop the entry off all EU “nationals” into the United Kingdom. What it will (or should) do is stop the automatic right of entry of all EU nationals into the United Kingdom. That means that if EU nationals have something to offer the United Kingdom, then the government will (or should) allow them in. If they have nothing to offer, then they shouldn't be allowed in.

Thus it's not a surprise that a Labour MP, Pat McFadden (a Blairite Europhile member of Open Britain), has accused the government of making a “shambles” of Brexit. Labour is itself in a shambles over Europe. (“Shambles” is McFadden's word.)

Many Labour MPs are very strongly in favour of EU. Many other Labour MPs (mainly radical-socialist Corbynites) are strongly against it.

In any case, the movement of skilled workers won't end after Brexit. What hopefully will end, according to Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis, is the “[f]ree movement of labour”.

And because Brexit doesn't mean that EU workers will stop coming to the UK (it'll be their automatic right to come that will stop), Amber Rudd (to the Financial Times) said:

I want to reassure businesses and EU nationals that we will ensure there is no 'cliff edge' once we leave the bloc.”

Rudd went on to tell us that

what we’ll need is a new system and we’ve said that that new system will have a proposal whereby new EU workers coming here will need to register”.

If the government will allow skilled EU immigrants in, then it's a surprise that Michael Gove has said that a “pragmatic” approach to Brexit would mean that the “freedom of movement” may continue until 2023.

So there is indeed a (baby) shambles here. That's to be expected. This is a big and complicated issue. That hasn't stopped, however, the Pat McFadden from milking this issue.

Nonetheless, pro-Brexit Labour MPs also have a problem. Frank Field, for one, has called the change “alarming”. And, not surprisingly, the CBI also wants “clarity” on this issue.


The main thing is that because various newspapers, activists and politicians are fanatically against Brexit (as well as the fact that Brexit is indeed a big and complicated thing), then we're bound to have almost daily reports about the shambles that is Brexit. Take most – or all - of them with a pinch of salt. These shambles are probably neither epic nor disastrous. However, there will indeed be teething problems for Brexit. Of course there will!

Scaremongering about “skill shortages” and the rest is exactly that: scare-mongering. If there are hordes of European brains surgeons, doctors or quantum physicists wanting to come in - and we need every single one of them, then let them in. No problem. If a EU “citizen” wants to come here to sell drugs or live off the dole, then we shouldn't let him in. (Providing, of course, the government can find out these things beforehand.)

Finally, one of the main motivations for “free movement of labour” (as far as the EU leadership is concerned) is that this will help bring about a EU super-state. It's not, therefore, primarily about “open borders” or “free movement”. This is an attempt to substitute small nations (or states) with a single very-large state. The free movement of European peoples is but a means to help bring that about.

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