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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's Snobs vs. White Trash

Emily Thornberry - Corbyn's Chair of Snobbery
The posh Left's race and class war against the white working-class.

Karl Marx was a Snob

He’d describe the proletariat as a “sack of potatoes”.
He himself lived in the West End, off the proceeds of gambling on the London stock market.

Marx was funded by Friedrich Engels, his foxhunting friend,
Whose family firm in Manchester made money from child labour.

His enormous bullish head presides over Highgate Cemetery.
Some come to worship. Others recall Stalin and his thirty million dead.

When we have hanged the last capitalist”, Marx said,
Then we will hang the salesman who sold us the rope.”
Thirty million died in Stalin’s gulags. They weren’t all evil rope salesmen

Mistrusting top-heavy leaders and self-important vanguards,
[People] are doing it themselves…

- Heathcote Williams  


I thought that it was possible that I might have over-exaggerated the extremeness and nastiness of most supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. But having been repeatedly patronised and ad hominemed by them for a few weeks, I now realise that they're even worse than I thought.

The level of hatred, spleen and snobbery from these mainly middle-class people (many of whom are members of the Trotskyist group Momentum) is unbelievable. They literally despise the entire white right-wing working class. They probably despise the very few Leftist members of the working-class too; though they'll keep that to themselves.

Many commentators - from Nick Cohen to Brendan O’Neill - have also noted this snobbery.

Much has also been made of left-wing “comedy snobs”; such as Russell Howard, Marcus Brigstocke, Charlie Brooker and Stewart Lee. One of Russell Howard’s “political” jokes, for example, was aboutTommy Robinson's accent – his Luton accent. Actually, it didn’t feature his accent. Robinson’s accent was the joke! That was all it amounted to.

A History of Leftist Snobbery

Very many left-wing middle-class people have been snobby about the working-class. Indeed - from Marx and his “troglodytes” (or “sack of potatoes”) to the Webbs/Fabians and their eugenicist dreams about “improving the working class” - there's always been incredible snobbery from large parts of the leftwing middle-class. After all, these middle-class revolutionaries and radicals wanted to lead - and above all change - the working class into revolutionaries (or people without "false consciousness"). Thus they mustn’t have liked them as they were. 

As I said, the Fabian "radicals" literally wanted to sterilise the entireworking- class. Then the communists and Trotskyists wanted to change it through “struggle” and revolution. Of course the working class never swallowed these middle-class lies about Marxists being the "vanguard of the working class".

So why don’t these people admit that they're snobs? (Snobs in the great English middle-class tradition.) Just because they're leftwingers with pony tails, died red hair, Che t-shirts, rucksacks, cockney/Estuary English accents, etc. doesn’t make them any less snobbish than their parents, grandparents, etc. They've simply redesigned traditional antipathy towards all things working-class and given it “anti-racist”, anti-”bigot” or “anti-fascist” clothing.

Then Muslims came on the scene!

That meant that most Trotskyists/Leftists could jettison the working-class and latch onto Muslims instead; just as they had previously done with blacks and gays. And because the Left is now fully parasitic on Muslims, there's no reason to hold back on the latent snobbery towards the white working-class.

Against White Trash

Don’t be fooled. These Corbynites and other Leftists have applied the same snobbery towards very many working-class who aren’t “far Right”.The working-class is full of “reactionaries”, “xenophobes”, “bigots”, people with bad musical tastes, a poor fashion sense, etc. Basically, whether they're Christians, Conservatives, UKip members, "Daily Mail/Sun readers", etc., the snobbery of the Left will manifest itself. They pretend to target the “far Right” because they know that not many people will note (or react to) that snobbery precisely because it’s against extremists. 

The central theme of many criticisms is the “simply horrid” nature of White Trash. The “knuckle-draggers”. The “bigots”. Etc. They try to pretend to themselves that this vile snobbery is only aimed at the “far right”. Yet they aim it at working-class Tories too. They aim it all White Trash outside the Far Left. These are the professionals and graduates who're so damn angry that the white working-class has never embraced their revolution, radicalism or values. Now they hate them with Ian Paisley's “perfect hate”. And it doesn't matter anyway because now they can patronise Muslims and black people instead. After all, there's a very large immigrant population in the U.K. - so who needs White Trash? 

Yes, this vicious nastiness is literally aimed at everyone who offers even a small criticism of Jeremy Corbyn. These zealous Red Guards simply can't stomach Difference. (Any difference!) Their invectives, diatribes and aggression flood the pages of Facebook and social media. And they say people are exaggerating when they talk of their fear of living under a Corbyn-run socialist state. These Facebook Red Guards have already shown us that they literally hate and despise all contradictory opinions. So what would they do if they had political power? What would they do if they had lots of political power? You don't need to guess. Check your history books and read about all the socialist states of the 20th century. Read about the Bolsheviks, Mao's Red Guards, Castro's prison camps, the Khmer Rouge, Trotsky's slaughter of rival socialists and anarchists. Read too about Chavez and now the socialist hooligans of Venezuela. 

The very tolerant anti-bigot and socialist, Bunny la Roche.
Read also about Antifa, United Against Fascism (UAF), By All Means Necessary (BAMN) in the United States and all the other Leftists who turn political hate and violence into a radical fetish.


The following is a passage from a post from the "anti-fash" website EDL News. It's on patriots:

"Patriots come in all shapes and sizes but 95% of them are fat, bald and invariably drunk. Patriots defend England whilst in the pub."   

Some other favourite tricks are to criticise spelling mistakes and even typos. Snobby Leftists will accuse all those who dare to disagree with them of “not having an education”. Though if an opponent is educated, then they'll call him a “pseudo-intellectual” or a “Nazi in a suit”.

Yes, these people constantly attack working class people for bad spelling and grammar. For drinking cheap lager. For being “knuckle-draggers”. For having the wrong kind of tattoos. Exactly the sort of thing that if it had happened in the 1970s - and had it come from the rightwing middle class - it would have been classed as outright snobbery. But because Leftists are indulging in it today, many people don’t see it as snobbery. 

Martin Smith: formerly of Unite Against Fascism
And now think about how patronising it is to believe that literally all non-socialists have what Marxists call “false consciousness”. That every critic of Corbyn is a daily reader of the Daily Mail. That everyone except themselves has been brainwashed by the platonic Media. Think about the snobbery. The arrogance. The petulance and the hatred of these tolerant and caring people.

Posh Leftists Around Corbyn

However, Corbynites, of course,  think that they aren't snobs simply because, well, they're Leftists. They believe that this is all it takes not to be a snob. This is equivalent to thinking that by putting on a cassock (or growing a long beard) you automatically become holy or pious.

Though if class determines ideology and snobbery, then class determines the ideology and snobbery of communists/Trotskyist/Corbynites too. The Class of Leftists represents a Vanguard (or Elite) Class; whether or not it attempts to “represent” or “work for” the working class. That very act of distinguishing themselves from the working class - as Marx himself acknowledged had to happen - sets the communists up as effectively another class.

There's a long tradition of Leftist (mainly Trotskyist but sometimes communist) posh boys and girls being condescending towards White Trash. 

Jeremy Corbyn's ancestral home.
Jeremy Bernard Corbyn himself went to Castle House Preparatory School; an independent school in Shropshire. He was brought up in a seven-bedroomed “mansion house” in that charming county.

Seumas Milne is formerly of the Guardian (though he still writes for it).
Milne is now Executive Director of Strategy and Communications for Corbyn and the Labour Party. He's a public-schoolboy. He's the younger son of former BBC Director General Alasdair Milne. He attended the private Winchester College and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford. He’s always writing in defence of Muslims. Then again, he's also written in defence of Stalinism, the IRA, Saddam Hussein, etc. Basically, he'll defend any individual or group that doesn’t remind him too much of his own privileged background and the people who crossed him as a kid (or when he was growing up). He’ll defend anyone (or anything) non-Establishment in order to cleanse the Establishment from within himself. 

Andrew Murray is the Campaign Chief of the Labour Party. He's the son of Peter Drummond-Murray of Mastrick, a stockbroker and banker. His dad was also Slains Pursuivant (a private officer of arms) from 1981 to 2009. Andrew Murray was educated at Worth School, a Benedictine independent boarding school in Sussex. From 1986 to 1987, Murray worked for the Soviet Novosti news agency. He has also expressed “solidarity” with North Korea. 

Andrew Murray - in his garden?


  1. Absolutely spot on ! Concise, erudite and revealing in the view of a knuckle dragging,
    Flag flying member of the British working class.
    I used to believe that "socialism" was the answer to the worlds problems, then I grew up and realised it was a diseased ideology that was causing them...

    1. I've never been a Marxist revolutionary or socialist myself. Though I was an anarchist for a couple of years. Even then, one appeal of anarchism (at least of a particular sort) was that these anarchists saw Nazis and Leftists as equally culpable. They were spot on.

    2. Nazis and leftists are the same ideological pursuit only separated by the passage of time.

  2. ...."Basically, he'll defend any individual or group that doesn’t remind him too much of his own privileged background and the people who crossed him as a kid (or when he was growing up). "
    Yep,it's all down to potty training. They're still embarrassed about having to poop.