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Friday, 2 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn on the Common Good

In September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn sermonised to a socialist congregation and told it that he believed that “the common good is the aspiration of all of us”. Actually, Corbyn most definitely does not believe that. He doesn't believe, for example, that Tory supporters and leaders believe “the common good is the aspiration of all of us”. ( As he's stated countless times!) He doesn't believe that any right-winger believes this.

In any case, the phrase the common good is so damn vague. (“Soundbite” - that cliché from the Tony Blair era - aptly describes it.) It's like saying, “Peace and love is the aspiration of all us.” Or, “Not killing little children is the aspiration of us all.”

Virtually every political party has favoured the common good. Tories favour the common good. Corbyn's socialists, of course, tell us that Tories favour the common bad. Even the Nazis favoured the common good. Sure, many sections of society were excluded from the National Socialist common good; yet exactly is the same is true of Corbyn's International Socialist common good. That means that, in all cases, the common good is always bad for some - or even many - sections of society. In Corbyn's case, it will be good for socialists, immigrants, Muslims, “innocent” terrorists, and whatnot. It'll be bad for conservatives, “Tories”, Ukip supporters, capitalists, “bigots”, patriots, “reactionaries”, nationalists, the entire white (“right-wing”?) working class, businesses, "racists", "neoliberals", fox-hunters, Britain First, the EDL, etc.

Corbyn also said, “Let's defend the principle of a society that cares for everyone and everyone cares for everyone else.” Who could argue with that? (It's like the well-known phrase “all for one and one for all”.) Not even Corbyn's evil Tories would disagree with it – at least not out loud. Indeed Pol Pot or Jack the Ripper would never have said, Let's defend the principle of a society that doesn't care for anyone and no one cares for anyone else. However, Corbyn and socialists do believe that Tories and literally all right-wingers only care for themselves. How do I know that? Partly because I've heard it stated very many times by many pious Corbynites.

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