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Thursday, 29 June 2017

EU Commissioner Oettinger says: The U.K. shall pay!

Commissar Oettinger

We've been told that “Brexit could leave the EU much worse off and needing to restructure its spending”. And that's according to “a commissioner”.

That could mean anything. Indeed it could be the case that a monkey may one day become poet laureate.

Coulds aren't even probably wills.

In any case, “worse off” in which respect? In all respects? Obviously not. In all financial respects? Probably not. Then in which respects? In some financial respects? That's could be true.

So who is the “commissioner” who said that? His name is Guenther Oettinger and he's a German. He's a Budget Commissioner. And guess who he works for? Yes, you guessed it - the EU.

Guenther Oettinger then went on to say:

We won’t have the UK with us any more, but they were net payers despite the Thatcher rebate, so we will have a gap of 10 to 11 billion euros a year.”

Possibly it's more a case that the EU – not the U.K – will suffer the most. After all, because of Brexit, there will be a 20 billion euro (£17.5 billion) financial deficit when the U.K leaves in March 2019. In fact only Germany pays more money to the EU than the U.K. Perhaps this is the primary (or real) reason for all the EU's harsh words towards Great Britain.

Despite that, Oettinger cries out-loud about the “need to finance new tasks such as defence, internal security”. And then he finishes off by saying that “the total gap could therefore be up to twice as much”. Is this German really worried about defence and internal security? Or is he really worried about the EU as a political institution; and, ultimately, his own political power and cushty career?

Commissar Oettinger concluded:

The Brexit gap will be financed by a mix of cuts, shifting expenditure, saving, and some new sources of money.”

Not surprisingly, then, this doom and gloom from the EU has led to the possibility that the it will force the U.K to pay a 100 billion euro fee for daring to leave it.

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