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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Corbyn's Hypocrisy on Theresa May and Saudi Arabia

Almost all "radical socialists" (before Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign) had zero – repeat zero! – to say about Saudi Arabia. Indeed up until the election campaign, if you criticised Saudi Arabia, many of them would have classed you as being an “Islamophobe”!

So what's changed? There's an election in the offing – that's what's changed!

Does Corbyn support Assad's Syria?

Corbyn himself made a Theresa May-Saudi Arabia link. That is, the Conservatives selling arms to Saudi Arabia became a main focus for Momentum and Corbyn.

Every American and British government has both backed the Saudis and armed it. This goes back to 1932 when Saudi Arabia was created. That means that five Labour governments have backed and armed Saudi Arabia since 1932.

A few Leftists have indeed mentioned Saudi Arabia before. But, here again, they only did so not to emphasise the despicable nature of the Saudi regime; but to tie that regime to the West. Here again, as with Theresa May, everything Marxist socialists do and say has a anti-capitalist (or anti-Western) angle to it. Everything!

Ironically, some Leftists and the left-leaning Interfaith Movement are themselves tied to the Saudis.

Take the well-known and nasty Nathan Lean; who works for the Saudis. He has a hell of a lot to say about “Islamophobia” and the “far Right”. He does so both under his own name and under the name Garibaldi on the website Loonwatch. Rather perversely, the Saudis themselves are strong in the United Nations and in the Interfaith Movement.


Jeremy Corbyn has, of course, said that he'll stop arming the Saudis. He could be lying. After all, the arms industry employs many people and a severe reduction of its business will result in many job losses. That won't be a problem for Corbyn. He'll “tax the rich” even more. (Though it will, of course, be a problem!) Still, despite the job losses, etc., I still believe that we should stop arming Saudi Arabia. Indeed I believe we should work towards the overthrowing of the regime. Leftists are not in favour of this:

Corbynites are in favour of emphasising the link between Theresa May and the Saudi regime. Full stop.

So which states will Corbyn arm? The Stop the War Coalition (which Corbyn led until last year) has very close connections and ties (through Iran's Press TV, etc.) to theocratic Iran. Will Corbyn arm Iran? The StWC is also very sympathetic to Assad's Syria. So what would Corbyn's position be on Syria? Indeed has this Stop-the-war/Syria angle influenced Corbyn's prior position on Assad's Syria?

Iran's Press TV. Corbyn's friends at the StWC work for Iran.

What about the many other repressive Muslim states, such as Pakistan (which, in many ways, is worse than Saudi Arabia), Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, etc.? Will Corbyn stop arming all of these? Of course not! Will he stop funding any of them? It's hard to say.

This, then, is an election-campaign gimmick for Corbyn and Corbynites. It's also deeply hypocritical. Corbyn, for one, is not against oppressive regimes. He has supported Castro' s Cuba, the Soviet Union, Mao's China, Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, etc. in the past. He has even supported terrorists such as the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah. So all the Marxist-socialist talk about the Saudis funding ISIS terrorists is deeply hypocritical.

Tomorrow there's an election in the United Kingdom. Corbynites and other Marxist socialists obviously want Corbyn to win. (The Socialist Workers Party, the Communist Party of Britain, etc. are predictably backing Corbyn.) Thus they'll say and do anything to make sure that their very own Marxist socialist will win. God help us! Or, failing that, simply don't vote for the Labour Party.

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