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Friday, 16 June 2017

Another Angry Voice

.... “savage right-wing bias”,  "a pathetically tasteless bit of right-wing victim complex crying”, “outright lie”, “absolutely outrageous stuff”, “lies and deliberately distorting and misrepresenting", "despicable website”, “no outrage in the mainstream media”, “deliberate lying and sick emotional manipulation from the head of a right-wing news outlet”, “hacks at the Daily Telegraph (a right-wing propaganda sheet”, “hard-right Guido Fawkes blog”, “were always extremely right-wing”, “a hard-right blog”, “outright derision as despicable gutter press”, “savagely dishonest hard-right attack rag as their tabloid bedfellows in the gutter press”, “lazily churnalised an extreme-right blog post”, “hypocritical and outrageously lazy Daily Telegraph hacks”, “right-wing purveyors of fake news”, “the Economist (the in-house magazine for neoliberals)”...


Much has been made (see here, here and here) of the ubiquitous snobbery against all non-socialists (except ethnic minorities) which we face nowadays. Some of this can be see in the obsessively pro-Corbyn blog called Another Angry Voice. This is a Corbynite groupuscule (made up of the blogger and his loyal defenders/commentators) of particular virulence, aggression and, yes, snobbery

The disgusting and patronising snobbery of left-wingers (usually from middle-class people aimed at the entire white right-wing working class) just gets worse and worse. And there's not much discernment in it either – all the very many “enemies of the people” are subhuman. I'm surprised I wasn't victim of the well-used term “knuckle-dragger” from these particularly pompous snobs.

In any case, for an “English teacher” (as stated in his 'About the Author'), Another Angry Voice (AAV) is “full of hate”. This blogger is indeed a fully-fledged "hater". Unless, of course, it's logically impossible for a Corbynite or socialist to be full of hate.

The blogger of AAV is called Thomas G. Clark.  

Those Evil (Non-Socialist) Old People!

Another Angry Voice snobbery isn't just aimed at the “far Right” and evil “Tories”: old-age pensioners get it in the ear too.

In one article ('Bridging the Generational Divide') is was talk of the “cognitive impairment” of the old. (Or at least the old who aren't socialists or fans of Corbyn.) The blogger and his resident whores, of course, claimed otherwise; though that was only after the shit had hit the fan. Part of that shit was thrown by fellow Corbynites who didn't like AAV's snooty arrogance vis-a-vis old people.

One Leftist snoot said it was all down to the “data and facts”. He talked about “basic Gaussian distribution data” and the fact that you couldn't argue with such a highly technical thing – even when aimed at old people. So I said that I was very impressed. Very impressed! Of course I wasn't impressed at all. The blogger wasn't really interested in “basic Gaussian distribution data”. He was interested in making a point about right-wing “cognitive impairment”. But the commentator already knew that. His grandstanding use of technical terms was prize bullshit.

The ostensible position advanced in this blog post, according to commentators, was simple: older people become “cognitively impaired”. And that's why AAV wrote:

"The older people get on average, the more gullible they are, the crapper their mathematical abilities, the more they're likely to over-estimate their own expertise, and the more attracted to right-wing authoritarian leaders they become."

If Thomas G. Clark (the name of the AAV blogger) hadn't mentioned the word "right-wing" on more than one occasion in the blog post, I might well have agreed. This blog post wasn't about old people becoming “cognitively impaired”; as they claimed in retrospect. It was about “Tory voters” - and very probably all other kinds of rightwing people - becoming cognitively impaired. Talk of “statistical facts being facts” simply evaded the point. AAV is a political blog. Why else would Thomas G. Clarke be covering such topics if he didn't have a political slant on them?

Finally, after an arrogant, hateful and condescending blog post about the cognitive impairment of old people, one commentator had the nerve to call me a "condescending prick".

The Mainstream Media

Like most Jeremy Corbyn's supporters and all Marxist socialists, AAV has a serious problem with what he/it calls – taken mainly from Chomsky's words - “the mainstream media”.

It's bizarre. Many on the Right criticise the Media (with a capital 'M'). Most of the Left do too. Is the media really such a massive and uniform cesspool of uniformity? Or do people simply get frustrated and angry when they hear/read opinions they don't like? Besides which, most people don't rely on a single newspaper (or a single news-outlet) any more – not in the age of the Internet. One commentator on AAV agreed; though only after previously frothing at the mouth about the MSM. He said that “the printed press itself is becoming less relevant with every passing year”. Then what was the nature of his former problems? Though if one thinks that the whole damn show is biased in one direction, then only those who miraculously escape false consciousness (or "media brainwashing") will be free of mind.

You see, every Corbynista is profoundly intelligent, sophisticated and never suffers from any "cognitive impairment". I wonder how they all do it. What would I need to do to have True Consciousness? What does it take? Read AAV everyday? Or is reading The Canary, Chomsky or Marx every day the answer? Whatever the solution, I bet it doesn't involve one echo chamber (a left-wing one) being put in the place of another echo chamber (a right-wing one). Leftists are far too intelligent to get trapped in any echo chamber (such as Another Angry Voice).

So does every one of us Naziracistfascistneoliberal bigots – the vast number of us - suffer from false consciousness? Marxist socialists probably think that we do! This is, of course, monumentally patronising; though the idea of false consciousness (or being "brainwashed by the media") has under-girded Marxist-socialist theory since the 1850s. And you wonder why so many people in the U.K. (i.e., millions) hate Marxists and find them condescending snobs.

In any case, what about the Guardian, New Statesman, the Mirror, Red Pepper, The Canary, etc.? Sure, they aren't as Leftist-than-thou; though they are Left or at least Liberal-Left. (Yes, I know, True Leftists call the Guardian and Independent “neoliberal - thus showing their extreme colours.) Do these Corbynites really want the entire media to be socialist? Is that at the heart of Another Angry Voice? They must know that they'll never have a Marxist socialist version of the Sun. Why is that? Because the vast number of people find Marxist/socialist news 'n' theory boring and often false.

In terms of detail, AAV shouted:

"Is there anything as hypocritical as a claim of political bias from the Daily Mail?"

Yes there is: a claim of political bias from a Corbynite, Corbyn, Chomsky, the Guardian, The Canary, Red Pepper, etc...

It's best to be honest about one's political biases anyway. And that includes the Daily Mail and left-wing outlets. That means that you shouldn't adopt the left-wing "no platform" policy or refuse to debate. It also means that it's silly to claim that your (political) view is a View From Nowhere.

This Marxist-socialist critique of the media was made explicit by one commentator on AAV. He wrote:

Some people adopt ideological perspectives that militate against their class interests... it's fairly obvious... that membership of a particular social class means that someone will be more likely to lean towards a certain ideological perspective.”

That simply assumes that the Marxist theory of “class interests” is (entirely) true and legitimate. The assumption is that a working class person voting for the Tories, Ukip or any non-socialist is voting against his “class interest”. I would say that voting for middle-class Marxists - and for middle class Marxist ideas/values - would be voting against his own class interests, and for many reasons.

The same commentator said that membership of a class means that “someone will be more likely to lean towards a certain ideological perspective”. Again, does that also apply to the legions of middle-class and upper-middle-class Marxists?

If the Marxist theory of “class interests” were so simple and absolute, then the very many middle-class and indeed upper-middle-class people (this especially applies to Trotskyists) who've been Marxists over the last 100 years would also speak their class interests. So would Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Murray, Seumas Milne and the other public-schoolboys and girls who lead the Stop the War Coalition, etc. How do socialists and Marxists escape class interests? Simply by reading Marxists?

No one exclusively – and sometimes not at all (as Marxists claim about themselves) – serves his class interests. This is an extremely deterministic Marxist theory. The theory (as Marx himself acknowledged) is primarily designed to further the revolution and bring about "class war". It has very little truth to it.

This commentator also said:

They are, however, overwhelmingly the ideological perspectives that get represented in the printed media.”

Certain “ideological perspectives” are bound to get represented in the printed media. How could it be otherwise? Would this Corbynite complain if that ideological perspective were Marxist socialism? Indeed would he complain if the entire media was Marxist-socialist; as in the Soviet Union, Mao's China and all other socialist regimes?


I think the reality is that because the printed media are dominated by large private capital, they, whether liberal or conservative*, are inevitably imbued with an ideological bias that reflects the class interests of those who own them.”

Have Marxist socialists ever thought that these ideological perspectives are sometimes believed because they are believed – that is, after critical thinking, etc. of the sort, presumably, socialists are capable of? Sometimes the platonic Media reflects people's views, rather than only determines them. Even in right-wing newspapers, sometimes journalists or commentators argue against aspects of capitalism; not for them. Indeed sometimes the Telegraph, for one, has allowed people to put the socialist perspective.

AAV Against Islamic Terrorism?

It's very strange hearing socialists and Another Angry Voice talk about the Tories being “weak on terrorism”. Specifically, their bone of contention was the “underfunding of the police”. The article is called '13 questions the mainstream media should be asking about Salman Abedi'. Thomas G. Clark (AAV) said:

... Salman Abedi.... repeatedly reported to authorities for by other members of the Manchester Muslim community too.”

When Muslims are reported to the authorities, what do you think Leftists/socialists usually do? They scream blue murder! They shout about “Islamophobia” and the “victimisation of the Muslim community”. Then posh Trotskyist lawyers get to work frustrating the evil machinations of "the capitalist state". Muslims too talk about “demonisation” and “Islamophobia”.

This article, then, is not about fighting terrorism. It's about campaigning for Corbyn by attacking the Tories.

The blogger even had the audacity to say:

So much for the extreme-right mantra that 'Muslims should do more to root out terrorists'!...”

How many times was he reported? And if all radical Islamists (hundreds of them) are reported by fellow Muslims and others at the same time, wouldn't there be overload? Here again, Leftist activists will start to scream. The authorities, in other words, are scared to take action against radical Muslims because radical socialists make it such hard and controversial work.

There is more hypocrisy:

The next damning revelation was that the UK secret services were tipped off in January 2017 by the Americans that Abedi was actively planning an act of terrorism.”

It's not often that one hears a Corbynite or a Marxist socialist stressing the importance of listening to the Americans on matters of terrorism. Then again, there was an election coming up when this was stated. Thus Corbyn's red end justified the means.

One may now ask if AAV believes in “open borders”. Or was that last week (i.e., before the election)? Corbyn believes in open borders – if not always explicitly. Most Corbyn activists believe in open borders too. Open borders and the arrival of thousands of terrorists will be an interesting problem for Corbyn to sort out. I wonder how he'll solve it.

Now, after the election, perhaps socialists and the supporters of Corbyn will get back to frustrating every action against Islamic terrorism and extremism – something they're very good at. Corbyn has already said that the Evil West is entirely to blame; as do the Islamic terrorists themselves.


Is this the Another Angry Voice blogger, Thomas. G. Clark? He's a professor at Sheffield University by the name of Dr. Tom Clark. I have many reasons for believing it's him: including where he lives, what he studies, his politics, the fact that well-paid professors have a lot of spare time, who he's connected to, etc. Though I'll get back with conclusive confirmation soon: 


By the way, here's a list of Leftist news-outlets and websites (some alive, some now dying):


New Statesman – independent political and cultural magazine.
The New Worker – from the New Communist Party of Britain.
The Socialist – from the Socialist Party (England and Wales).
Socialist Worker – from the Socialist Workers Party.
Sunday Mirror – sister newspaper to Daily Mirror, published every Sunday.
Weekly Worker – from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee).
Solidarity – from the Alliance for Workers' Liberty.


Scottish Socialist Voice – from the Scottish Socialist Party.
Socialist Appeal – from the British section of the International Marxist Tendency.
Tribune – democratic socialist Labour movement newspaper, with Labour Party connections.


Labour Briefing – from the Labour Representation Committee.
New Internationalist – independent activist magazine.
Socialism Today – from the Socialist Party (England and Wales).
Socialist Review – from the Socialist Workers Party.
Socialist Standard – from the Socialist Party of Great Britain.
Workers' Fight - from the British section of Internationalist Communist Union.


Chartist – connected to the Labour Party.
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! - from the Revolutionary Communist Group.
Lalkar – formerly the journal of the Indian Workers' Association, now independent, but sympathetic to the CPGB (ML).
New Left Review – independent New Left journal.
Peace News – independent pacifist magazine "for nonviolent revolution".
Proletarian – from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist).
Red Pepper – independent, appeared monthly from 1994, relaunched as a bi-monthly in 2007.
Scottish Left Review – independent magazine.
Socialist Resistance – from the International Socialist Group and Socialist Solidarity Network.
Workers – from the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist).


Anticipations – the Young Fabians' journal.
Ceasefire Magazine – independent magazine.
Challenge – from the Young Communist League.
Communist Review – from the Communist Party of Britain.
In Defence of Marxism – from the International Marxist Tendency.
International Socialism – from the Socialist Workers Party.
rs21 – from Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century.
Socialist Studies – from Socialist Studies.
Workers' Hammer – from the Spartacist League.
World Revolution – from World Revolution.


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Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory – independent Marxist journal.

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... I suppose this is where socialists say that the above still isn't enough. It won't be enough until there is a socialist version of the Sun or when every newspaper is controlled by a socialist state under the control of, say, Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.

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