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Friday, 20 January 2017

The BBC & George Soros vs. Donald Trump

Many people (though certainly not all) wouldn't see the BBC as being a place for heavy editorials and blatantly-biased opinion pieces. Yet if one reads BBC News online, you'll see editorials and commentaries coming out of every BBC orifice. 

Thus it shouldn't be a surprise that the BBC devotes an entire positive piece to George Soros and his desire to bring down Donald Trump. It's also clear (from the piece) that the BBC is at one with Soros. At one, yes, though in a typically very subtle BBC kind-of-a-way.

In the recent elections in the United States, the BBC (in its BBC News) featured a negative piece on Trump every day; sometimes more than once a day! When it came to Hilary Clinton, on the other hand, the BBC was almost uniformly positive.

So when is the BBC actually going to be honest about its gross political biases? I suppose it can't be simply because it's a public (or tax-funded) organisation. But do the British people really want to hear the ideological prejudices of a small Leftist (or Left-Liberal) elite (who mainly live in London) every day?

In any case, the BBC quotes George Soros as saying that Trump is "[a]n impostor, a [political] conman and a would-be dictator". Yes a “would-be” dictator. Trump was only inaugurated today. Still, Soros is a futurologist.

Soros, though, is contradictory on this. At least on the surface. This would-be dictator will never be a dictator because, in Soros's own words, Trump “won't be able to get away” with it.

The BBC itself admits that Soros has a much deeper problem with Trump. It tells us:

Mr Soros has been unrelentingly critical of Mr Trump since his shock election victory, and the pair have a history of friction.”

It's supremely ironic that Soros - the amoral megalomaniac - says that "[a]nyone who disagrees with [Trump] is not part of the people". Yes, that's coming from a loon who's made the division of America into his own full-time political sport. After all, we know Soros funds Black Lives Matter and the Democrats. However, who is he supporting behind the lines (as it were)? CAIR? The New Black Panther Party? Remain (or the European Union)? The Nation of Islam?

From what we know of this man, Soros would fund and support any group which wants to destroy the United States. Why is that? Simply because George Soros himself wants to destroy the United States. As Alan Partridge once put it: It really is that simple!

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