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Monday, 16 January 2017

Tell Mama vs. the British Press, Trump & English Identity

People may be aware of the Islamic activist group Tell Mama, which is run by Fiyaz Mughal. It sells itself as being a organisation which "fights Islamophobia"; yet its own remit is a lot wider than that. 

In recent months, Tell Mama has gone to war with British newspapers, as well as feeling a need to castigate Donald Trump, English identity (see this article), etc.

Tell Mama's problem with the British media isn't that it's lying about Islamic terrorism, Muslim grooming-gangs, etc.. It's that it's reporting on these things. Tell Mama knows that it wouldn't stand a chance if it were to claim that the Daily Mail, the Sun, etc. were lying about the violence Islam is bringing to the world. Thus, Tell Mama's problem is simply that newspapers are reporting on these real concrete problems. In other words, Tell Mama is implicitly calling for a universal sharia blasphemy law. A law which would cover non-Muslim peoples, non-Muslim newspapers and non-Muslim institutions. 

A typical Tell Mama article.

Tell Mama is fighting a non-violent jihad which is intent on silencing all voices which dare to speak out about the violent jihad.

Thus Fiyaz Mughal's Tell Mama is an enabler of Islamic violence, if not itself a practitioner of Islamic violence.

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