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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ding dong Baghdadi the baddie is... nearly dead!

Within days of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, news is coming through that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has - according to local reports - been “critically injured in air strikes in northern Iraq”. The bombing raid in Al-Ba’aj (northern Iraq) was led by a US-led coalition.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is, of course, the world's most wanted man. Nonetheless, it now has to be said that it's been reported before that al-Baghdadi has either been hurt or killed.

We can only hope that the bastard is dead.

Just to fill in the gaps. Al-Baghdadi has only just delivered his first message in over a year. This soi-disant caliph, in his most Muhammadan mode, told the Islamic world to make infidel blood “flow like rivers”.

Indeed it was only last month that the US government increased the bounty for Baghdadi from $10 million to $25 million. That bounty will now be given to anyone who comes forward with information about his whereabouts.

Not surprisingly, Baghdadi has kept a low profile in recent months. It's been reported that al-Baghdadi sleeps underground in a suicide vest. Because of all that, the British politician Boris Johnson had this to say on the pious Muslim man:

It is a cruel irony that some of the intelligence we have, you may know, suggests that the gentleman in question has actually vacated the scene himself and is nonetheless using internet media to encourage people to take part in violence.”

In terms of recent history, Baghdadi has ruled over Mosul for two years. In that time he's applied a full and blood-soaked sharia law to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

If he is dead, then that fact can beg a question: Why didn't this happen before Trump was elected? Why can't a superpower defeat an an enemy in the desert? The situation and geography in Iraq and Syria, after all, isn't at all like the dense and expansive forests of, say, Vietnam.

Perhaps it was because the willpower wasn't really there. Because total war and a quick victory were never on the cards. Wars with much bloodshed don't play well on the TV. And, of course, left-wing professional and amateur demonstrators quickly arrive on the streets. Yet these pretend pacifists make things worse: they prolong the war and the overall death-count. In addition, it's also because Leftist activists, lawyers and newspapers severely limit - through lawfare and negative criticism - the ability of the US to fight for victory and defeat the enemy.

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