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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn disavows alt-left supporters

Jeremy Corbyn has retrospectively repudiated the fringe "alt-left" group Momentum for publicly celebrating his election as leader of the Labour Party back in September 2016. At that celebration, according to “Zionist sources”, Corbynites raised their fists and sang the Red Flag anthem.

In a far-ranging interview with the Islington Dinner Party Times, “Jezza the Gezzer” Corbyn (who was educated at the private Castle House School) was quoted as saying: "I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn them. And I disavow and condemn them too."

Corbyn said he didn't want to "publicly energise" alt-left groups, which include neo-Communists, retro-Socialists, Socialist Internationals, Islamosocialites, anti-Semit...Zionists, and Trotskyians.

Alt-left supporters were filmed (by Red Ken Loach) on Saturday in Islington cheering as a speaker shouted: "Vive la revolution! Death to all neoliberal pigs! Pay rises for Marxist professors!”

In the video, a leader of the "alt-left" movement told a conference of Corbynistas that the UK belongs to the Vanguard of the Working Class; whom he described as “Patriarchs of the Children of Toil".

Chairman Moo denounced the movement's critics as "the most despicable Nazifascistracist creatures who'd ever walked the planet".

The gathering on Saturday drew protesters who blocked traffic around the Che Guevara Building and Safe Space Center in Islington's socialist-dinner-party district.

Reichskanzler Angela von Turtle expressed no concern at all that Mr Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party has given succour to extremely moderate Trotskyists and communards (such as the Socialist Workers Party, Left Unity, Alliance For Workers' Liberty, etc. - all of whom supported Corbyn).

A senior official close to Mrs Turtle described the infamous "Comrade Corbyn!" video as "a video". 
"I'm a center-Left democrat."

But Mr Corbynoid stood by his Chief Communist and Director of Communications, Seumus Milne, when the latter started instigating plans for a Gulag for the “far right” somewhere “up North”. (Milne is an ex-Winchester [private] College fag and former associate editor of The Guardian newspaper.) Corbyn bristled at claims that the newspaper was associated with the Socialist Dinner Party Movement.

"The Guardian is just an unbiased, fair and brilliant publication. They cover stories like you cover stories," he told the Islington Dinner Party Times.

"If I thought supporters were a racist towards working-class whites and right-wing Jews, I wouldn't even think about hiring them", he said of Seumus “Beria” Milne.


This is a partial rewriting of (yet another) BBC article on Donald Trump and the alt-right movement: 'Trump disavows alt-right supporters'.

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