Thursday, 2 June 2016

Trump & Farage vs. the Political Automatons


Both Trump and Nigel Farage are flesh and blood - warts and all - real people. And, as real people, they'll probably put their feet in their mouths from time time – as we all do. Many other leaders are simply the political automatons of various ideologies or business interests. So they always come across as algorithmic morons. Machines of the political scene.

Nigel Farage and Trump aren't like that. On the whole, they tell the truth – even if that truth leaves a sour taste in the mouths of our Leftist and Left-Liberal leaders – the Good and the Pure.

When Cameron, Nick Clegg and Miliband (see image), for example, appeared in virtually identical suits, smiles and hand-movements, it was clear that something has gone seriously wrong. The whole political system (in the UK) seems intent on keeping a tiny group of undifferentiated leaders in their position for perpetuity.

There is a chasm between our leaders and the British and American public. Eventually, that chasm will be rectified.

All this has got to change!

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