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Friday, 3 June 2016

The Islamic State's 'Bulldozer' is captured

This fat Muslim git - and his 20 stones of obscene flesh - has been captured by the Syrian army.
His nickname is the Bulldozer. This is strange, really, because the Syrian army needed a bulldozer to carry him around. I mean, it's his own fault that he's a fat twat – he eats at least 30 beef (not pork – halal!) burgers every day.
Just think about this sad, fat man. Along came the Islamic State (which “has nothing to do with Islam”, apparently), and it provided a perfect opportunity for him to kill, torture and not feel guilty about it. After all, Islam sanctions killing and other violent perversions – and it does so on a massive scale.

The details of his capture are also comedic in the extreme – just as he is. This Islamic executioner writhed around on the ground, topless, as he attempted to evade the Syrian army. I hope the video of this will become as popular (amongst Muslims) as the videos showing this sick man kill for Islam.

What are we talking about here?
We're talking about a subhuman who has a thing for chopping children's limbs off, as well for that Islamic/Koranic speciality – beheading. This man, after all, belonged to the Islamic State's “Chopping Committee”, which is now looking for yet more ways of fusing sadism with Islam.

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