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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Anti-Racism is an Instrument of Revolution

If there's anything that, on its own, would make me a bona fide racist, it's the mass and vast political sham that political anti-racism has become.

Anti-racism becomes more extreme and mindless as each day goes by. It's almost as if – God forbid – a group of activist Leftist lawyers, politicians, council workers, university students/lecturers, etc. are deliberately trying to wind people up the wrong way – all the better to create a violent situation which they could take full political advantage of in the near future.

You know these people: lawyers, councillors, journalists for the Guardian, teenage-brained students, etc. - all seemingly winding everyone else up in order to create a “revolutionary situation”. That revolutionary conflict is becoming nearer almost every day. Yet I doubt that white, middle-class Leftists will use that situation in a way they would want to use it.

Firstly, they'd need to send literally millions of patriots, right-wingers, UKIP/EDL/Daily Mail readers to the New British Gulag. After that, they'd have to deal with radical Islam – which has a massively different agenda to their own. And, at a similar time, the Left will fragment into numerous cults – as has happened again and again.

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