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Monday, 27 June 2016

A posh Leftist sheds tears over our exit from the EU

"I thought America was the place that was so filled with hate, not us."

I don't think that I've ever be so repulsed by a Leftist as I was by this arrogant and snooty Leftist. She literally despises all those who dare to disagree with her. The totalitarian instincts of the Left are clearly on display here.

She has a go a Brits generally and then “the over 75s” - and that's after dismissing the whole of America. Apparently the Brexit vote was mainly the responsibility of the over 75s. They “have no stake in this country”. Did you know that? She seems to have forgotten that over seventeen million people voted for Brexit. What proportion of that number were 75 and older, eh?

Europeans, on the other hand, are “kind and thoughtful”. Yes, this woman - with typical Leftist wisdom - fails to disconnect Europe from the European Union.

It's just the sheer snobbery and arrogance of this woman that grates. As I said, not endorsing her own views is to be culpable, in her book. And I've already heard the supporters of Remain say that the referendum should never have happened. And now that it has happened, it should be retaken until the correct result occurs.

Clearly, inside the heart of every liberal is a totalitarian racist trying to get out. This woman is as near to being an anti-white and anti-British racist as it's possible to be.

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