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Friday, 27 May 2016

Why Leftists & Islamists Have Joined Forces

Things have got to change – and change quickly. The Left is creating a situation in which mass violence is bound to happen. Perhaps they're doing it to “tap into the revolutionary potential of Muslims” (as the Socialist Workers Party puts it). In other words, the “worse things are, the better they are” – for revolutionary Leftists. They want racial conflict – in order to tap into it. They want “austerity” - in order to use it. They want unemployment – in order to feed off the rage.

Thus when yet another Islamic ghetto is created, another Muslim grooming gang is formed, etc. - all this helps the revolutionary Marxist's cause. After all, when things are fine and dandy, revolutionaries suffer deep depressions. They want conflict. They want racial war. They want revolution... The worse things are, the better they are... for Leftists.

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