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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pegida in Birmingham

A Short History of Islamic Terror in Birmingham

This are just some of the stories from Birmingham’s recent history.

*) In a report a few years ago, MI5 said that there were 80 known terror cells and 35 suspect Islamic groups in the West Midlands region - more than twice as many as London.

*) In 2006 there was a plot to behead a British solider which led to arrests in the city. The Muslim responsible plotted to behead the British soldier "like a pig" and film the killing in a lock-up garage. Parviz Khan then planned to broadcast footage of "the ghastly death" in an attempt to spread panic among the armed forces and the public.

*) The ‘Tipton Taliban’ (Tipton is an area in Birmingham) were imprisoned after being captured in Afghanistan.

*) In 2011, a group of 12 Muslims were held in police custody on attempts to commit “mass murder”. The plot was to kill at least 2,000 non-Muslims with nail-bombs and other devices. Seven of the group confessed and were charged. Two of the Islamic terrorists were from Birmingham's Sparkbrook and Sparkhill.

*) Five Muslims from Birmingham (one from Sparkhill) admitted to a plot to bomb an EDL demo in 2012.

*) Wounded soldiers in Selly Oak were harangued by Muslims in 2010.

The “Spy Camera” Affair

As a result of the above, West Midlands Police decided to install CCTVs (or what Muslims and their Trotskyist enablers called ‘spy cameras’) in various Muslim areas of Birmingham, such as Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath.

Not long after this, there was a campaign against the CCTVs by various Muslims, Islamists and radical Leftists. This culminated in a public debate at Sparkbrook (6.7.2010) in which the police promised to remove the CCTVs.

In that debate Lord Nazir Ahmed threatened “civil unrest” (this can be seen here) if the cameras weren’t immediately taken down. Lord Ahmed has been suspended twice from the Labour Party: once for placing a bounty on George W. Bush's head and the other time for talking about Jewish conspiracies. He also once threatened to "bring a force of 10,000 Muslims to lay siege to the Lords if the campaigning anti-Islamist Dutch MP Geert Wilders was allowed to speak" at a broadcast of the film Fitna.

At the same meeting (then) Councillor Salma Yaqoob also said:

“If the police do not remove them, will you join me this Summer to take every single one down?”

This too is on video.

Only a short while after West Midlands Police promised to take them down, West Midlands Police told the Birmingham Mail (31.10.2010) that it was expecting a “Mumbai-style attack on the city [Birmingham]”.

Just a few weeks later, West Midlands Police did begin to take the CCTVs down.

Birmingham Before the Trojan Horse Affair

*) In November 2010, the Education Secretary Michael Gove warned that schools in Birmingham have been targeted by Islamic extremists trying to infiltrate the education system. (This was four years before Salma Yaqoob started talking about “hype” and “witch-hunts” regarding Birmingham's schools.) He told MPs there were “genuine dangers” due to extremist influence in state schools.

*) The Daily Mail published a feature on a Birmingham Islamic schools. Darul Islamic High School School, Small Heath (Birmingham), was also featured. As a result of this, the Daily Mail (14th Feb, 2011) said that Muslim teachers had “met with police chiefs”.


*) A Channel 4
‘Undercover Mosque’ program (2007) revealed the widespread preaching of jihadist doctrine in Birmingham. (See also 'Undercover Mosque: The Return'.)

*) In early 2011, Channel 4‘s Dispatches programme (‘Lessons in Hatred and Violence’) broadcast a feature on Birmingham’s mosques and Islamic schools. It showed, with a hidden film, that such mosques were rife with Islamic extremism. A preacher/teacher is on film saying “the disbelievers are the worst creatures”.

Another film showing a preacher/teacher talking about Hindus: “The Hindus do, they drink piss... Do they have any intellect? No.”

Birmingham Lib-Dem MP, John Hemming (Yardley) defended Green Lane mosque by saying:

“If Channel 4 thinks this is a school where racism and intolerance is accepted in any way, they have got their facts seriously wrong.”

On the 20th January, 2011, the Telegraph published a feature on Birmingham. In it there's a quote from a Belgium Muslim who had moved to Birmingham. He was quoted (by the Telegraph’s Ed West) as saying:“Everybody knows. Birmingham - best place in Europe to be a pure Muslim.”

The same article stated that “a large Taliban flag fluttered daily on a house near St Andrew’s football stadium ]Birmingham City] for some months”.


Pegida in Birmingham

Why will Pegida be in Birmingham on Saturday? It won’t be there to fight, “divide communities” or to “spread racial hatred”. It will be there to unite communities and tell them about our common threats – militant Islam, sharia law and Islamic supremacism. It is these things which will cause conflict in our society, not Pegida. Pegida simply wants to highlight these problems before they reach the state they've reached in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Palestine, southern Thailand and all the places where the religion of Islam is not properly separated from civic and political society.

As for racism. In many respects, Islam is a racist religion or has become a racist religion. Muslims see all other religions as “deviations” or “perversions” of that “final word”. Not only that. Those who aren’t Muslim - be they Christians, Jews, Sikhs, etc. - are looked down upon by millions upon millions of Muslims as the ‘infidel’. And at times this hatred of diversity within Islam has lead, quite logically, to killing and violence. In fact it has done so numerous times and still does so today – every single day. From the no-goes areas of Paris to the large departures of Jews from European cities - where there is Islam there is violence and conflict. Indeed violent jihad is written into the very fabric of Islam.

As for a more unequivocal racism. Think of how the Arab nature and traditions of Islam are stressed. The Koran “can only be properly understood in Arabic”. Indeed Allah Himself seems to have spoken only Arabic. Every Muslim on the planet - from Birmingham to Karachi - has to adopt at least one Arabic name. This Arabocentrism goes even further than that. Even the dress sense and cultural mores of Muslims are based on Arab traditions.

And then there is the apartheid nature of the Muslim communities which self-segregate themselves from all other communities. That isn't “embracing diversity” or “community cohesion”. It is self-ghettoisation, Islamic supremacism and separatism.

All that is real apartheid.

Thus Pegida won't be in Birmingham to “persecute Muslims” or “spread division”. It will be there to do the job which the Government and the press should be doing. Pegida will be telling the truth about the nature of political Islam. It will be telling the truth about the nature of Islam in our country today. It will be telling the truth about, for example, Muslim self-ghettoisation, the Islamist nature of the Muslim Council of Britain, the duplicitous nature of many Muslim organisations, the deliberate building of mega-mosques as acts of Islamic supremacism and arrogance, Muslim gang violence and the rape jihad in many of our inner-cities.

What's wrong with all that? Nothing. And that's why the Left, the Church of Interfaith, much of the press and politicians call Pegida “racist” or even “fascist”. The use these thought-stopping words betrays the fact that they have no arguments against Pegida. Thus they must insult or demean its supporters with empty phrases and Leftist soundbites. They most focus exclusively on the isolated acts of violence at counter-jihad demos. They must stress the concocted links between Pegida and the far right.

That's why Pegida will be in Birmingham on Saturday.

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