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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

EastEnders: Hindu Muslims & Agitprop

QUESTION: I’m thinking about the different careers I can be involved in and one of them is acting. I really like acting and am thinking about acting in movies. Would income from acting in movies be considered harraam income?... I would really like to do something that would be Islamically encouraged and one that would please Allah.

Income from acting in movies is Haraam. This is because of photography which is the main component of movies. In Islam, photography of animate objects is a major sin. Besides photography, there are other sins also involved, e.g. intermingling of sexes, music, fiction, idle pursuit, gossip, etc...

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai


The Muslim Characters in EastEnders

Kush – played by Davood Ghadami

Tamwar Masood – played by Himesh Patel

Masood Ahmed – played by Nitin Ganatr

Shabnam – played by Rakhee Thakrar

Afia Masood – played by Meryle Fernande

Amira Masood – played by Preeya Kalidas

Ayesha Rana – played by Shivani Ghai

Syed Masood – played by Marc Elliott

Yusef Khan – played by Ace Bhatti

Zainab Khan – played by Nina Wadia

AJ Ahmed – played by Phaldut Ahmed

EastEnders' Masood Ahmed embracing diversity.

EastEnders has consistently portrayed Islam in a positive light. That's true even when Muslim characters do bad things. That is, the writers make sure that any wrongdoing or suspect behaviour carried out by Muslims has nothing at all to do with Islam. Islam, as ever, is the elephant in the room which no one dare mention... unless what they say is positive!

EastEnders is now featuring the slow conversion of a non-Muslim female character (Nancy Carter) to Islam. To think that this was being shown during and immediately after the Islamic slaughter in Paris. If anything, I would bet that the writers of EastEnders will increase their positive portrayals of Muslims as a result of what happened in Paris.

Yet EastEnders writers must know more about Islam than they do about other religions. They must know, for example, about sharia law. Why is that? Because virtually every Muslim featured in the show so far has been played by either a Hindu or a Sikh (all mainly of Indian descent). Just look at these names above – which immediately give the game away.

So the irony of all this is that EastEnders is proselytising on behalf of Islam at the same time as knowing that Islam has a very dim view of the acting profession (as well as of music, fun, etc.).

EastEnders is also keen on portraying Muslim men having relationships with non-Muslim women. However, there's been no storyline about Muslim women having relationships with non-Muslim men. Why is that? Because Islam allows men to marry non-Muslim women; though it doesn't allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. Thus the writers of EastEnders have conveniently sidestepped this issue as well.

Another issue that EastEnders has ignored is the situation between the two characters, Shabnam and Kush. Shabnam is supposed to be a Muslim of a Sunni Pakistani background. Kush, on the other hand, is supposed to be Iranian. The vast majority of Muslims in Iran are Shia. Sunni and Shia Islam have been at war with each other (on and off) since the 7th century. Indeed even in places like Bradford there's been bad feeling between Shia and Sunni Muslims. And, of course, in Iraq, Syria and Pakistan, Sunnis frequently carry out terrorist bombings of Shia mosques.

EastEnders sells itself as the show that's “not afraid to tackle serious issues”. That's true... up to a point. However, it has been afraid to show Islam in a negative light, if not Muslims themselves. Sure, sometimes some of the Muslim characters are portrayed in an unflattering light; though the writers cleverly divorce that Muslim bad behaviour from Islam itself. Thus, as ever, Islam itself isn't to blame for anything. Yet it is to blame for the palpable fact that EastEnders producers and writers have to employ non-Muslims to play Muslims!

A Muslim wedding procession right through the heart of Cockney Land

*) The BBC’s portrayal of Muslims is an extreme example of the Leftist ideological notion of “lying for Justice”. It's also pure agitprop (i.e., “agitation”, “propaganda”).

This particular Muslim family has been the home of open gays, drinkers, hipsters, comedians. In actual fact, so far we’ve had gay Muslims, illicit relationships, Muslims in pubs, Muslims in Churches (during weddings/funerals), Muslims fraternising almost exclusively with non-Muslims and, last but not least, a Muslim wedding-procession (with music, etc.) through the streets of an otherwise cockney neighbourhood.

The writers of EastEnders? I can only (partly) guess. They'll be mainly - or exclusively – white, middle-class Leftists (or Left-Liberals).

The writers of EastEnders will indeed see soap drama as entertainment: though entertainment necessarily mixed with numerous social and political messages. Their purpose is to both entertain and to educate.

Of course EastEnders is sometimes entertaining! How could the writers' political and social messages get through to many people if those messages weren’t tarted up with some good-old-fashioned soap entertainment? Hell, even Leftists don’t want to preach to an empty audience.

So the silly fictions about Muslims and Muslim families (amidst an almost-exclusively white community) don’t matter much. The lies don’t matter. The surreal and absurd situations don’t matter if they get various and many social or political points across.

None of that matters. The Leftist/liberal writers of EastEnders are indulging in good old-fashioned agitprop. Sure, such agitprop isn’t as bad as it was in the 1960s and 1970s; but it's still pretty blatant.

The writers are tacitly suggesting to its viewers that Islam "is just like any other religion" and that Muslims are just like the people at a BBC dinner party.

Everyone I've ever spoken to finds the EastEnders' Muslim families both unreal and absurd. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that these fictions (or lies) help the fight against the perceived racism of Islam's critics. And we all know that every Muslim on the planet belongs to the same race or ethnicity... don't we?


  1. Photography is a major "sin" in Islam? really who decided that? not the prophet Mohammed, because there was no cameras or "acting when he was around Muslims contradict themselves , the preach this yet watch TV , movies and take selfies , even Isis/Isil take selfies , they are full of crap.

    1. There was acting in Muhammad's day and it's commented upon in the Koran and hadith. There weren't bombs in his day, but Muslims use them.

      As it is, Muslims don't rely entirely on the Koran – not even Wahhabis and Salafists do. They claim they do; but clearly they can't – it's literally impossible to be a total literalist.

  2. Photography is a major "sin" in Islam? really who decided that? not the prophet Mohammed, because there was no cameras or "acting when he was around Muslims contradict themselves , the preach this yet watch TV , movies and take selfies , even Isis/Isil take selfies , they are full of crap.