The subjects covered in this blog include Slavoj Žižek, IQ tests, Chomsky, Tony Blair, Baudrillard, global warming, sociobiology, Islam, Islamism, Marx, Foucault, National/International Socialism, economics, the Frankfurt School, philosophy, anti-racism, etc... I've had articles published in The Conservative Online, American Thinker, Intellectual Conservative, Human Events, Faith Freedom, Brenner Brief (Broadside News), New English Review, etc... (Paul Austin Murphy's Philosophy can be found here.)
This blog used to be called EDL Extra. I was a supporter (neither a member nor a leader) of the EDL until 2012. This blog has retained the old web address.


Thursday, 29 October 2015


This isn't an English Defence League blog. Hence the word “beyond”. I was a supporter of the EDL until 2012 and went on my last demo in March 2013. Up until 2011, the blog was called 'EDL Extra'.
I initially set out to focus primarily on Islam and the Islamisation of the UK. However, since that time the subjects covered have broadened to IQ tests, Baudrillard, global warming, sociobiology, Marx, Foucault, economics, philosophy, etc.

The blog has also had over 1,188,242 hits so far. - Paul Austin Murphy

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