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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Is Professor Rachel Dolezal a Wigger?

Rachel Dolezal has the perfect credentials to, well, fake being black. She's a professor in the Africana Studies Program at Eastern Washington University. She's taught such things as African History, African American Culture and the Black Woman's Struggle.It seem also that's she's an adherent of the recently popular theory of “intersectionality” in which (to simplify) race, gender and class “oppressions” are said to merge into one; though one such oppression (usually racial oppression) is often given primacy.

Ironically, this story has elicited some racism from what is often called the “black community”.

For example, one Twitterer, a Kim Moore, said:

"Don't talk to me about how #RachelDolezal understood/knew the Black struggle when she could pick & choose when to be 'Black'."

Now what's being said here? Does she have a problem with Dolezal's lies or with Dolezal's race? I think it's the latter. She's saying that whites can't understand the “Black struggle” quite simply because they're white. That's tricky because it assumes one of two things: that every black has been part of the “struggle” or that those blacks that haven't suffered struggle (if that possibility is so much as allowed) can't understand the black struggle either.

The claim is also a little unfair.... in a sense. I don't suppose that Dolezal did “pick and choose when to be 'Black'”. What she did is choose to be black once and then retained that racial identity. It's not as if she was black during Christmas and white in the summer.

Another black person (a Broderick Greer) magnified this black racism even more when she said, "Only a white person could get this much attention for being black."

I'm not sure what her point is; though it sounds like anti-white racism to me.

Bizarrely, this case has engendered a new genre (as it were): that of being transracial. This, of course, follows the genre/condition of being transgender.

Well, we've all heard the term “wiggers” applied to white kids who want to be black and, according to many black “racial essentialists” (as poststructuralists and post-modernists put it), fail miserably. I've personally witnessed many white kids and adults (usually middle class) mimic black speech patters and jargon – and not just the use of the word 'man'. There's also the case of whites who're obsessed with black culture. This is a very common phenomenon. So much so that there are many whites who only ever listen to black music. Needless to say, this is often a very self-conscious anti-racist stance from such white people.

In the case of Rachel Dolezal possible transracialism, it has had negatives criticisms from blacks and some positive support from whites. For example, one Tweet, from ReignOfApril, said:

"There is nothing 'trans' about #RachelDolezal. Stop w/ the false equivalencies to transpeople. Rachel is a lying, deceitful fraud. The end."

In any case, have you ever heard the cliché that the best way to be is to be “colour-blind”? You hear it a lot from Leftists or 'progressives'. That's strange really: large segments of the Left are utterly obsessed with race. Rather than colour being the last thing Leftists see, it's the first.

Because anti-racism is the most important tool in the revolution (or for 'radical change'), race becomes everything. Thus racism is seen everywhere and everwhen.

Take the case of Rachel Dolezal again. Perhaps she thought that the best way to fight racism (or prove her love of blacks) was to actually to become black.


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