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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hate: Matthew Collins's Life in the British Far Left


Every time I hear their rubbish, I hate them.” - Matthew Collins (in the New Statesman, July 11th, 2012)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Matthew Collins (42 years of age and a gorgeous size 20) is our favourite far-left extremist.

Collins is a laugh a minute. From being press spokesman for the far-right National Front to being a “researcher” and Chief of Sarcasm at the far-left Hate Not Hope. Predictably, he's even a writer for the Guardian.

He began his career in the National Front and Combat 19; and it's been all downhill from there!

So now Matthew Collins is back with a new group – Hate Not Hope (his fifth after the National Front, Combat 18, Fat Busters and Searchlight). He's standing under the title “Yes to terrorism and socialism. No to racist and imperialist Britain.”

His constant companion in these debacles has been Hate Not Hope leader Nick 'Nick' Lowles.

We, at NaziRacistFascistBigots & Co., once christened Matthew Collins a "fat, slimy, sarcastic slit-eyed ex-Nazi for hire" even though he did once claim that at this election the Communist Party of Britain's chosen Labour Party would be standing not just for every seat in the House of Commons, but in the House of Lords too!

Matthew Collins then travelled the length and breadth of Luton telling people what a great lover Nick Lowles (the communist leader of Hate Not Hope) is. (Nick, like the Communist Party of Britain, says “votes Labour”. Interestingly enough, the massively different Communist Party of Great Britain also says “vote Labour”.)

Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles also wrote a very important letter to the far-right David Cameron about the future of evil England. They asked him to ban the EDL and all “far right” groups and place them in the Gulag. (Or to implement the “no platform” policy as it's otherwise called.)

Collins and Lowles are of course men with the best interests of beleaguered, oppressed and tortured Muslims at heart.

                                           Other Stuff

Socialist Unity's Andy Newman (who says that Collins has a “cheeky chappy persona”) sums up the hypocrisy of Matthew Collins' seamless slide from far-right extremism (as well as sarcasm) to far-left extremism (as well as sarcasm). He wrote:

.... those of us who were involved in the left back when physical confrontation with fascists was part of what we did. But while far left politics might include a few people who are delusional, the world of the far-right is populated not only by the delusional, but also by the murderous, and the hate-obsessed.”

And then there's Cheeky Chappy's seamless move from being a fascist revolutionary to being a Leftist revolutionary. Here he is talking to the BBC about the fascist revolution:

I genuinely believed there was going to be a revolution and a fascist government would come to power and I'd be the minister of transport.”

Matthew Collins (who's actually Joan Collins's illegitimate daughter) is still obsessed by class; though not, on the surface, by race. Yes, he's moved from being a fascist class warrior and racist to be Leftist class warrior and anti-white (or anti-English) racist.

Then there's hate.

Matthew Collins said once said that he “had an absolute and genuine hatred of black people”. Now he has an absolute and genuine hatred of patriots, most of the white working class (those who dare not to be Leftists or “progressives”) and literally everyone else on the Right (not only the “far right”)! Indeed in the New Statesman he says: “Every time I hear their rubbish, I hate them.”

So we at NaziRacistFascistBigots & Co. are glad you're still with us, Matthew. The Trotskyists (including Unite Against Fascism) hate you.

Why is that? Well, it's for a few reasons.

The main one is the communists traditionally do sometimes collude with “the State”; whereas the motto of Trotskyists is “never with the state”. Thus Hate Not Hope is closely connected to the Labour Party (as is the Communist Party of Britain) and even to the government and various parts of the state. Then again, so are many SWP-UAF; though not openly so.

Trotskyists (such as Unite Against Fascism) also believe in what they call “mobilisation” - what others call street violence and thuggery. The Hate Not Hope leadership is officially against all this; though, of course, many Hate Not Hope members and supporters also like a bit of thuggery. (See this piece for more details on this Hate Not Hope-UAF schism.)

Finally, why not buy Matthew Collins's new book. It's called Hate: My Life in the British Far Left (£10.24 at all left-wing bookshops).


*) Some of the above is simply a rewriting of Matthew Collins's own prose with the substitution of various words and phrases. These words are taken from this piece by Matthew Collins.

**) Socialist Unity's Andy Newman (who sells Collins's book above) supports Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Red Kenneth's lover), sharia law and Islamism. In his spare time, he also defends Hamas, Bashar Assad, the Chinese Communist Party, Stalin, theocratic Iran and, last but not least, the Labour Party. (See this piece.) In addition, I though that Matthew Collins didn't like what he calls "posh people".... except when they're left-wing. Andy Newman went to a public school and then, of course, on to Oxford University. He had the perfect credentials to be a Marxist Labour MP in Chippenham. As far as I know, he failed.

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