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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What Do British Muslims Want? The Lot!

The question is whether all the demands of Muslims in the workplace, supermarkets, universities, Muslim communities/ghettos, law, supermarkets, swimming pools, hospitals, council-run amenities, etc. should be met even while knowing that they will inevitably become much broader and more extensive in scope in the future. On the other hand, if all these Islamic demands aren't met, will the employers, etc. be deemed 'Islamophobes', 'racist' or 'discriminatory'?

Take just three - among very many - examples:

i) What if Muslims demanded that they take the whole of Friday – not just Friday afternoons - off for prayers?
ii) What if Muslims demanded the separation of the sexes in all workplaces?

iii) What if Muslims wouldn't sit in communal dining rooms if non-Muslims were eating pork or other non-halal products?

Sure, all these things may not be occurring today; though they certainly will do in the future.

Do we deal with this inevitable increase in demands from Muslims with more laws against employers; or do we put an end to them? Should we ask Muslims simply to follow standard practices in the workplace and English society as a whole?

Another point worth stressing is that making endless demands - whether in the workplace, universities or anywhere - is important to Muslims. Through such demands they can assert their Islamic identity. Such agitation is deemed as Islamic 'struggle' (i.e., both 'inner' and 'outer jihad'). Muslims are testing both their own Islamic credentials and the willpower of the kuffar in Dar al-Harb (the Abode of War). Rubbing up the wrong way against the kuffar - whether employers, Marks & Spencer, university vice chancellors - is a way of asserting both Islam itself and the identity of Muslims as Muslims.

It may sound a little over the top to argue that in the end all this is bound to lead to civil war (or, at the very least, to civil conflict). Why do I think that? Because of what’s going on in the Muslim world; as well as what happens when Muslims live alongside non-Muslims. Many people will have read about the violent and conflict-prone history of Muslim peoples when they've lived in the same countries as non-Muslims. In addition, simply look at what's happening today in southern Thailand, Burma, southern Philippines, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Nigeria, west and north Africa, the Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Yemen, Bahrain and so on. Indeed look at Oslo, Malmö, Stockholm, parts of Paris, Marseilles, parts of Birmingham, Rochdale, Rotherham, Bradford, Tower Hamlets...

Is all this really worth the risk?

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