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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Islamic Siege in Australia

That he-had-mental-problems mantra is heard all too frequently nowadays. It was used about the Canadian murder, as well as about the one in Woolwich.

(Non-Muslim) Islamophiles generally see it in definitional terms:

If a Muslim kills or bombs someone or something, he must be mad.
The Left, on the other hand, blames Islamic terror on poverty, imperialism, colonialism, the Balfour Declaration, racism, global warming, the price of bread....anything.

. Anything other than Islam itself. This too is a definitional assumption and it's essentially Marxist in nature.

Islam is always and every time excused of having anything to do with anything negative or violent. Yet is is deemed as having everything to do with things positive and non-violent. In the former case, Islam is a mere“epiphenomenon of social conditions”. It's not fundamental or even relevant at all. Islam is simply Marx's “sigh of the oppressed creature”.

The violence is either or result of mental illness or socio-political conditions. Islam gets off scot free.

And the longer our rulers pretend to believe this, the worse the situation is going to become. They are denying the truth for political reasons; though also for reasons of moral and political piety.

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