Thursday, 11 December 2014

Paul Austin Murphy's Twitter Account

Join me on my very own Twitter page. Bring friends, family and the disadvantaged too.

Trolls are especially welcome; even though I'm not quite sure what they are. (Are they peeps who disagree with One?) In addition, you can screen-shoot my most flagrant examples of racism and fascism – as well as all the other isms I thoroughly endorse - and send them to EDL News or Hope Not Hate.

Inside you'll find lots of delicious babes and people doing their anecdotes. There's even some hardcore Marxist dialectics and a little semiotic analysis too.
One of them delicious babes.

Guaranteed fun times for one and all - or your money back.

Those especially keen on Leftist jargon and soundbites are more than welcome. After all, we all belong to the same Humanoid Race.

Click here to enter wonderland:

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