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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nigel Farage on Traffic Jams

Between 2000 and 2011 there were up to five million new immigrants into the UK. Now is the anti-Farage argument that these numbers haven't had any affect on traffic whatsoever?

Forget the specifics of the motorway Farage was travelling on: won't five million new immigrants - in only eleven years - have had at least some overall negative affect on traffic?

Whether this is true on the day Nigel Farage was travelling, I've no idea. Do most of his critics know the specifics?

Is the position this?

Because there were traffic jams in the past, then there can't be worse (overall) traffic jams today. That's like saying that because there were some traffic jams in the 1940s (which there were), then the situation can't possibly be worse today. That position is obviously false. No-one has ever said that there have never been traffic jams before.

So perhaps people are saying that because traffic jams aren't always and only to do with mass immigration, then they can't have anything at all to do with mass immigration. The fact people have experienced traffic jams in the 1960s (or in the 1920s) doesn't stop it from being the case that the situation is worse today because of mass immigration.

So there many be an element – large or small - of truth to what Farage said about the traffic. However, if people insist of pretending to believe that Farage claimed that every traffic jam is a result of mass immigration, then it's no wonder they think what he said is stupid. Though, in the end, such people have effectively interpreted his statement in order to make it ridiculous; rather than it necessarily being ridiculous.

Since I'm talking about Farage, UKip doesn't, as far as I know, have a problem with student and qualified/skilled immigrants.

Recently there was a“report” (or was it a “study”?) by pro-immigration Leftist academics at the University College London (UCL) which hit the news. They said that in roughly ten years EU immigrants contributed £20 billion in tax. They didn't mention the £120 billion paid out to non-EU immigrants in benefits in roughly the same period. They didn't mention the public services, etc. which working EU immigrants got for free either. Finally, they didn't mention the £15 billion or more in foreign aid in in the same period. That means the tax contribution was simply erased leaving a deficit of some £100 billion that went entirely on immigrant benefits.

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