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Friday, 19 December 2014

Guns & Wars Save Lives

Guns can save lives.
Guns can take lives.
Indeed guns can take lives in the process of saving other lives.

Wars can save lives.
Wars can take lives.
Wars can take lives in the process of saving other lives.

It's not complicated and the Left and other pretend pacifists know that.

That's why Leftists are only against those wars which are fought by what they call “Western capitalist states”. Then again, Leftists are only against guns when those guns are owned by those outside Left-Liberal or outright Leftist states.

So Leftists are very choosy when it comes to who is and who isn't allowed to kill.

Islamic and Leftists terrorists, socialist revolutionaries, socialist/communist states, etc. have had their killings and oppressions explained away by Marxist theory. Right-wing terrorists, capitalists states, etc. haven’t.


In fact throughout the 20th century and beyond, collectivist/communist states have killed en masse. (E.g. the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Vietnam, Communist Hungary, various Marxist regimes in Africa, etc.) Now many in the Left have also developed a penchant for Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and even the Islamic State (which was supported at a recent Left Unity conference).

Consequently, Leftists have legitimised all those killings and genocidal groups/states in all sorts of arcane and convoluted theoretical ways: ultimately, in deceitful and hypocritical ways.

So according to all the (pseudo) anti-war movements of the Left, it's just nasty white capitalists and other nasty (right-wing) whites who aren't allowed to kill.

In other words, Leftists aren't against war or oppression at all. They're against capitalism. Or, more correctly, they're against only those wars and oppressions which are carried out by “capitalist states”. In fact there's a quaint Marxist Manichean theory which says that capitalism is reponsible for literally all wars and indeed every other evil. 

What you have, then, is racism, Manicheanism and hypocrisy bound together in one ugly Leftist package.

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