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Friday, 12 December 2014

Bunny La Roche: Psychopathic Trotskyist & SWP Activist

That's Bunny La Roche in the image: a SWP-UAF activist. She shouted her mouth off on last night's Question Time (BBC 1).

"Bunny Boiler" La Roche's comrade - Martin Smith, former SWP leader
She's a member of Kent International Socialists. She's also reported for the International Socialist Network which – just like Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and much else – is yet another adjunct of the SWP. (The website Political Scrapbook even connects her to the SWP cover-up of Martin Smith's sexual violence.)

Look at the pure hate and violence in her face. She's the female version of, well, Martin Smith – the equally violent former leader of the SWP and rapist. Indeed there are many photos of her in which she exudes her typical snarling hatred and smugness.

This woman has an almost pathological hatred of all those who don't believe exactly what she believes. She is, in fact, quite dangerous. Or at least her type (Trotskyists) – collectively - are very dangerous. (She also seems to have a typical SWP fetish for loudspeakers; though she doesn't really need one.)

La Roche "tapping into the revolutionary potential" of workers.
She even had the nerve to say (on Question Time): “I'm coming for you Farage.” Isn't that a criminal threat of violence? What does the police think of that? Still, it's no surprise at all. She also once shouted “when are you going to fucking die” at someone during one of her many protests and has even used violence and intimidation against “fellow socialists”.

What people who saw the show will know is that Bunny La Roche's venom was not only aimed at Nigel Farage: it was also aimed at two other members of QT audience. She's a supremely intolerant woman. She is a Red fascist. People like are just a much a threat to our society as any genuinely Nazi group. In fact, more so; bearing in mind that our universities, legal establishments, etc. are full of SWP members. People like her have “taken over the institutions”, as Antonio Gramsci demanded in the 1930s. My bet is that she's a lecturer or a social worker. (Judging by this link, she is a lecturer or an academic of some kind - "Parklife!".)

The SWP explicitly believes in violent revolution to overthrow what they call “capitalist democracy”. They also believe in street violence to “liquidate” (an old communist phrase) all “class enemies” – that is, all non-Trotstyists and non-communists. More specifically, the SWP has frequently used violence against UKip members and supporters in the last few years; just as they have repeatedly used violence since the 1960s. (There's an image of one of Bunny La Roche's protests in which Nigel Farage is physically attacked by a SWP banner.) Her gang of Leftist thugs have also prevented UKip supporters attending talks and suchlike.

One phrase her group uses is: “Farage has to go.” That's strange really because there has been similar campaign with the slogan “Cameron has to go” as well. Indeed who would be left alive if these fanatics ever gained state power through their gloriously violent revolution?

Well, if these people ever achieved state power (which is what they dream of), then the Gulag would be built over night to house the literally millions of people – mainly working class – whom these middle-class Trotskyists profoundly despise.



1) Don't be fooled by her Estuary English/Mockney accent. All Trots speak that way. In fact I've heard ex-public-school members of the SWP speak like that; including the two Lords in the SWP Central Committee.

2) Here's a piece on her in KentOnline.
3) This is an article by Socialist Unity which shows that La Roche is prepared to spread the love and lack of bigotry amongst her fellow socialists. More correctly, she has a record of bigotry, sectarianism and violence even towards fellow Leftists. Clearly, like Weyman Bennett, Martin Smith and all SWP, she's addicted to violence and SWP supreme power.

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