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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Banksy, The Guardian and Free Speech

The ironic thing is that it's the very people who write that kind of graffiti (in the image) - and who dress like that (as well as Banksy himself) - who are precisely the kind of people who believe in many restrictions on speech. Though because they have zero skills of self-analysis, they don't see that.

What Leftists - and even anarchists - really really mean is this:

Free speech for me and for people who think like me. Not for those who express views I find objectionable.

It's like The Guardian’s bullshit about Edward Snowden and "government surveillance".

That Leftist rag called for surveillance after Anders Breivik – for all those potential “far right” terrorists. And even before that they called for monitoring of “far right” groups and individuals. The Guardian (or at least a number of its journalists) has also called for bans and censorship of the BNP, EDL, “hate speech”, “hate blogs”, etc.

The hypocrisy here is blatant and obvious.

The Guardian believes in a “police state” - as long as it's a collectivist/socialist police state. It believes in monitoring and surveillance – against the “far right”; not against Leftists and Muslims. It believe in bans – against the “far Right”, etc.

The ironic thing is that leftwingers - when banned on Facebook for example - always talk about “free speech” even though they ban people on their own pages within milliseconds of reading a disagreeable comment. As with The Guardian, they mean: 

Free speech for me and those with the correct views.

Almost all Leftists strongly believe in the “no platform” policy (began by the National Union of Students) for all dissenting views – literally! If they had the requisite state power, they'd also believe in the Gulag. Give them more power, and the closer to the Gulag they become; as NUS, etc. have shown recently.

That's why all this Banksy and Guardian stuff about free speech makes me want to puke.

I think they indulge in such blatant hypocrisy because they have zero skills when it comes to self-analysis and self-criticism. Many simply think that being a socialist/leftwinger is all it takes to be morally, politically and intellectually superior. And because of that mindless assumption, they're often morally, politically and intellectually inferior.

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