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Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Class Analysis of Marxists

I would say that nine out of ten Marxists/revolutionary socialists/Trotskyists are middle-class.

Most academic Marxist writers and activists belong to a tiny and severely circumscribed social milieu: the university. What's more, the higher up the echelons you go in the leadership of the Left, the more likely Leftists/Marxists are to be upper-middle-class (e.g., the leaders of Leftist parties, lawyers, “rights activists”,professors, journalists, etc.); rather than plain middle-class ("petit bourgeoisie").

Marxists are the perfect subject for a sociological analysis; though since many sociologists and “class analysts” are Marxists, such a thing has never happened.

What Marxists seem to say is that it's okay for them to analyse where non-Marxists/Leftists get their views from (i.e., their "class position"); though it's wrong for people like me to analyse where Marxists get their ideas from (i.e.,their class position).

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    "A growing body of evidence..."[14] (Where is the raw data for your review?)
    "People say..." (Which people? How do they know?)
    "It has been claimed that..." (By whom, where, when?)
    "Critics claim..." (Which critics?)
    "Clearly..." (As if the premise is undeniably true)
    "It stands to reason that..." (Again, as if the premise is undeniably true—see "Clearly" above)
    "Questions have been raised..." (Implies a fatal flaw has been discovered)
    "I heard that..." (Who told you? Is the source reliable?)
    "There is evidence that..." (What evidence? Is the source reliable?)
    "Experience shows that..." (Whose experience? What was the experience? How does it demonstrate this?)
    "It has been mentioned that..." (Who are these mentioners? Can they be trusted?)
    "Popular wisdom has it that..." (Is popular wisdom a test of truth?)
    "Commonsense has it/insists that..." (The common sense of whom? Who says so? See "Popular wisdom" above, and "It is known that" below)
    "It is known that..." (By whom and by what method is it known?)
    "Officially known as..." (By whom, where, when—who says so?)
    "It turns out that..." (How does it turn out?¹)
    "It was noted that..." (By whom, why, when?)
    "Nobody else's product is better than ours." (What is the evidence of this?)
    "A recent study at a leading university..." (How recent is your study? At what university?)
    "(The phenomenon) came to be seen as..." (by whom?)
    "Up to sixty percent..." (so, 59%? 50%? 10%?)
    "More than seventy percent..." (How many more? 70.01%? 80%? 90%?)
    "The vast majority..." (All, more than half—how many?)
    "Multilingual" (Means able to communicate in more than one language. But how many? Two? Twenty? Are they French plus German or American English plus British English?)
    "Cross-platform" (Same as "Multilingual" above, but could also mean "platform-independent" or "not readily supporting any platform at all".)

    In conclusion

    'Derp' In summary, you and the 'upper-middle-class' have issues, just get a room you guys. You all PB to me.