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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson thrown into prison ‘for a Tweet’


Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson Photo credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson Photo credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

A BBC News subtitle sums up the absurdity and injustice of this most recent example of the political maltreatment and intimidation of Tommy Robinson: “Ex-EDL chief back in jail ‘for Tweet’”.

Tommy Robinson was only released from prison in June.

Supporters of Tommy Robinson – posting on Facebook – have released a statement which said that Tommy Robinson “has been recalled to prison for responding to a threat on Twitter”. That threat was on the lives of Tommy Robinson’s family.

Mr. Robinson’s lawyers said that he has been sent back to prison for a fixed term of 28 days.

According to Mr Lennon (Tommy Robinson) himself:

"I was going to speak this Thursday exposing police persecution and tactics.
"Police are at my house recalling me back to prison for my licence, reason given that I responded to a death threat targeting my family.
"All this to prevent me exposing the facts on Thursday at Oxford Union."

So not only have we the absurd case of someone being put in prison for a single Tweet, it may even be the case that the police put Tommy Robinson back in prison to stop him from talking to the Oxford Union.

The BBC says that Tommy Robinson (who created and then led the English Defence League in 2009) “will not talk at the Oxford Union as he is back in jail”.

The BBC shows its bias here not by blatant politicising; but by what it intentionally leaves out. It says that Lennon “had previously been due to talk at the Union in September last year but the event was cancelled amid security concerns”. What it doesn’t say is those “security concerns” existed because left-fascist groups – such as Unite Against Fascism – threatened violence if the talk had been allowed to go ahead.

What the BBC also doesn’t say is that Mr Robinson probably wouldn’t have been allowed to talk at the Oxford Union anyway because those very same left-fascist groups and individuals were agitating to have him disinvited again.

The Oxford Union itself sent an email to students which said:

"Tommy Robinson has recently been recalled into custody and so is unlikely to be able to speak."

Despite all this, the Oxford Union is still hoping that Mr. Lennon can speak after his release from prison. In fact – despite “security concerns” – the Oxford Union was unhappy that Tommy Robinson’s previous talk was cancelled due to the anti-free speech actions of violent Trotskyist groups.


The Leftist “Hegemony” in the Law
[Gareth Peirce, the Trotskyist "super-lawyer", who once freed Abu Qatada.]

The intimidation and maltreatment of Tommy Robinson by the police and courts has been so systematic, long-running and blatant that it could only have happened because the legal establishment – and even the state – wanted it to happen.

Usually political activists have Leftist lawyers, rights groups, etc. all over them. Though that’s only when they are Muslim terrorists or members of an ethnic minority. Shami Chakrabarti’s Liberty and Gareth Peirce, for example, seem only to be interested in terrorists and Islamists like Moazzam Begg.

You see groups like Liberty don’t really fight for “rights” and “justice” across the board. Did Shami Chakrabarti – or someone like her – defend the former leader of the EDL when his parents had their doors knocked down by the police on more than one occasion?

Leftist lawyers are often only concerned with the rights and freedoms of those Islamists and chosen minorities who will help them further their own political agendas and causes.

These people fight for their non-violent Gramscian revolution through their work in the rights and race businesses. Specifically, they defend “revolutionary subjects” such as Islamists, Islamic terrorists, sexual groomers, rapists, criminals, Leftist activists and so on. The rights of minorities are fought for and given a superior status vis-a-vis what they call the “dominant culture”. That’s why the political intimidation of Tommy Robinson hasn’t even registered on their collective consciousness. Indeed they are at least in part responsible for that political maltreatment.

So, again, why has the legal establishment (or at least the large parts of it which are Leftist or at least Left-Liberal) more or less ignored the systematic political intimidation of Tommy Robinson? The answer to that can be expressed in this simple way.

Muslim terrorists and radicals are deemed innocent – by Leftist lawyers – until proven white and/or right wing. That is, Muslims and various ethnic groups can only ever be “oppressed” or victims. They can never be guilty or even in the wrong.

The Leftist Hegemony in the Universities

As stated above, the SWP-UAF has attempted to get Tommy Robinson disinvited from the Oxford Union again. (That was before he was thrown into prison.) The same Trotskyist group got him disinvited before because he was the leader of the EDL. And now it has attempted to do the very same again even though he’s no longer in the EDL.

The SWP-UAF – along with many other “radical” groups – has a strong grip on the universities; especially on students. Almost every university in the UK has a Socialist Worker Student Society.

Our universities are also over-populated with SWP professors and lecturers. When I say that the SWP has a strong grip on English universities, I don’t mean that in any overly-conspiratorial sense. However, if you have loads of student automatons willing to hold demos and sit-ins (as well as harass those who dare to think and say the wrong things), then that’s how the SWP expresses its political power in our universities – through endless activism and often through violence.

In other words, the SWP-UAF’s student automata behave in exactly the same kind of way that young National Socialists behaved in the universities of Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1939.

A Short List of Actions Taken:

  • His parents’ house was raided three times; even though Tommy Robinson had left home some four years before.
  • Arrested and stopped from going to many demos.
  • Arrested on many charges which were all subsequently dropped.
  • Bans from demonstrating, using the Internet, emails and texting dating back to 2009.
  • Police went after his brother and his mother for supposed financial crimes.
  • Police conduced a 3 year “tax evasion” investigation (which failed when it went to court in late 2012). Throughout the investigation, Robinson and his family were only allowed to spend £200 per week of his own money (the rest was impounded by the police).
  • He is awaiting prosecution for having gone over his designated time-slot at the last Tower Hamlets demo (the police held up the demo for 15 mins at the start, so I understand that they manufactured the situation where he would exceed his time-slot).
  • He was arrested for trying to do a charity walk through 5 boroughs (when he entered Tower Hamlets).
  • After receiving 100′s of death threats from Muslims (aimed at him, his wife, his kids, his mother), he was re-tweeting them, and even printed them out and went to the police. The police did not arrest a single one of the aggressors, but threatened to prosecute Robinson if he continued to re-tweet them.
  • The last conviction for mortgage fraud was for an offense committed by Lords & MPs and the financial backers of the major parties in the UK, with none of them were prosecuted, never mind convicted. My understanding was that Robinson pleaded guilty in order to stop his dying mother from going to court (she was being persecuted to get at him) – even thought it’s estimated 1 million people in the UK have committed similar mortgage fraud.
  • Whilst in prison the screws allowed him to be attacked (by locking him in a room full of Muslims). He was subsequently locked up for 23 hours of every day.
  • When Robinson told the police of his home address, gangs of Muslims would turn up and attack his home. In later years, he refused to let the police know where he was living.
For more details on this short period, see this link – ‘The Persecution of Tommy Robinson

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