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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Unapologetic Galloway has been interviewed by the police

George Galloway in Bradford, with a fellow activist for Respect/PHOTO CREDIT: The Guardian

George Galloway has been interviewed by West Yorkshire Police about the “Israel-free” comments he made at a meeting in Leeds on the 2nd of August. The meeting was held for Respect activists. The video of the speech was then posted on YouTube. (Click here and here  for more information.)

According to Chief Superintendent Paul Money, George Galloway cooperated with the police and was interviewed at Elland Road station under caution.

West Yorkshire Police has said that the case will be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) when its enquiries are completed.

libert gb
George Galloway/PHOTO CREDIT: Liberty GB

To recap on the speech, this is what George Galloway said on the 2nd of August:

"We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone.
"We don’t want any Israeli goods; we don’t want any Israeli services; we don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college.
"We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford even if any of them had thought of doing so.
"We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel – and you have to do the same."

Mr Galloway has been a Bradford West MP since 2012.

Galloway in Court

Galloway during the US Senate hearings of 2005/PHOTO CREDIT: The Guardian

George Galloway will milk his questioning and possible court appearance for all it’s worth. He is, after all, a consummate performer.

Even the people who despise George Galloway – as many people do (especially his former “comrades”) – freely confess that he has excellent literary skills and that he’s a performer of the first order. Despite that, when you read – rather than hear and see – his words on paper or on the Internet, Galloway-power lessens somewhat. Indeed you quickly find that there’s hardly any analysis, argumentation or even factual data in what he says. And beyond the literary exhibitionism, there’s no much politics either. This man “thinks with the blood” and primarily appeals to people who think that way. He tends to appeal to those who are politically simple-minded, Manichean and full of dreams of vengeance and power – hence Galloway’s Hitleresque style and (lack of) content.

As I said, Galloway will make the most of his court appearance. It may end up like Hitler’s court performance (in 1924) after being convicted for the Munich Putsch of 1923. Indeed Galloway may replicate the RADA skills he used during the Galloway v the US Senate (“oil-for-food”) hearings in 2005 (see image above). And since judges, lawyers and prosecutors can’t also rely exclusively on literary style, rhetoric and polemics, it’s no wonder that Galloway sometimes comes across so well at such appearances.

David Ward MP (Bradford East), who’s also pushing for a sectarian/communalist Britain/PHOTO CREDIT: The Guardian

Because Galloway is a pathological exhibitionist, it wouldn’t surprise the British public if he said something even more extreme and racist about Israelis and Jews either before or during the trial. In addition, since he’s competing with David Ward MP to see who’s the most immoderate and perverse Bradfordian Islamophile of them all, this may well happen.

One very-often-used strategy Galloway employs is to accuse virtually all his critics of lying. He’s done this very many times over the years. (Such things can be seen on various YouTube videos.) In fact apart from using his flamboyant literary skills, this seems to be Galloway’s first resort: especially when he’s being questioned. This is bizarre really since George Galloway – along with Jeffrey Archer – is one of most well-documented liars in British politics. This must simply be a case, then, of what psychologists call “psychological projection”. That is, a trait that Galloway recognises in himself (compulsive lying) is projected onto virtually all of his opponents. (See ‘The Lies of George Galloway’.)

George Galloway will be truly saddened by the fact that cameras aren’t allowed in British courts.

*) Latest Update

West Yorkshire Police, Leeds District, has written and delivered letters to the 250 people (in Leeds alone) who reported George Galloway’s remarks. The letter reads:
Thank you for your complaint in relation to the speech made by George Galloway MP on Saturday 2nd of August 2014 in Leeds.
West Yorkshire Police have received a number of complaints in relation to the content of the speech and are conducting an investigation.
It is likely that the investigation will take a number of weeks. The Crown Prosecution Service will then review all the facts and make a decision. We will contact you regarding any further developments.
"If you would like to discuss this matter please do not hesitate to contact [... ] on contact [...]. Another agency that may be of assistance are Victim Support on [....].
Yours faithfully,
Pat Twiggs
Detective Superintendent
Head of Crime – Leeds District

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