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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why shouldn't Israel carry out retribution against Hamas?

Gilad Shalit on a Hamas poster| IMAGE CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Israel has said that it will carry acts of retribution against the Islamic group Hamas for its kidnapping and murder of three Israelis teenagers.

Predictably, Palestinian authorities and Western Leftists/liberals are saying that Israel shouldn’t do anything of the sort. Israel should, instead, carry on carrying on with the “peace process”.

Every state on the planet would do exactly the same thing as Israel. Indeed many states – especially Muslim and communist/socialist states – have carried out far more extreme kinds of retribution than Israel has ever done. Then again, as ever, Israel is held to very different and very high standards. And it’s held to different standards because most of the people who do so don’t want Israel to exist in the first place. And the best way of destroying Israel is by demanding that it use kid gloves against all those forces which want to annihilate it.

Obviously, if Israel were to adopt the kid-glove policies demanded by Western Leftists, and even by Western states, its shelf-life would become shorter and shorter and shorter. Then again, it’s easy for some people in the UK and US to talk of “peace”, “peace processes” and kid-glove policies because they aren’t surrounded by Britain- or America-annihilationists.

We must face facts.

There has never been a peace process with Hamas and there never will be one. Now Western Leftists/liberals may kid themselves that there is – or could be – such a peace process (either for reasons of grandstanding piety or sympathy for Hamas).

Alternatively, more radical Leftists – the ones who want to see Israel destroyed – know full well that Hamas doesn’t want peace: it wants the annihilation of Israel.

Am I being an Islamophobic conspiratorialist when I say all this? Am I being – to use that omnipresent teenage Leftist/Nazi soundbite – a “Zionist”? No; because Hamas has itself said that it doesn’t want peace and it has said that countless times. In its founding document, the Hamas Charter (or Covenant), Hamas made it plain that it doesn’t want peace with Israel. And it has said that again and again over the years. Indeed the Hamas motto includes the words:
“Allah is our goal, the prophet is our model, the Koran is our constitution, jihad is our path and death for the sake of Allah is our most coveted desire.”
Above and beyond all that, the Islamic imperative – which Hamas upholds to a stronger degree than many other Muslim groups - is to make not only ‘Palestine’ Judenrein, but the entire Muslim world: from Morocco to the Indonesian sea (to paraphrase) Indeed Saudi Arabia and Libya are already Judenrein. In Iran - which Muslims and Leftists keep telling me has Jews in its Parliament - the Jewish population has shrunk from 120, 000 in 1948 to 10, 200 today. (Iran has the highest number of Jews in the Middle East after Israel!)

The problem is that many left-liberals, Western states and even some conservatives offer what amounts to a Marxist analysis of Hamas. What I mean by that is that that they say (or think) that everything Hamas says and does is simply a response to socio-economic and political conditions; such as poverty, and lack of democracy and a Palestinian state. They don’t think it has anything at all to do with Islam and Islamist ideology. Thus Islamic ideology and the violent pronouncements of Hamas are mere “epiphenomena of socio-economic conditions”.

And even when Western leaders actually get round to reading the Hamas Charter (as well as the many other violent assertions of Hamas), they say it’s all “rhetoric” and “hyperbole” with no real import. That’s right: it’s all rhetoric and hyperbole because, deep down, Hamas is full of people “just like us”. Yes, just like the public schoolboys in the Foreign Office and Cabinet who had never really thought that much about Hamas until its file was put on their desks.

IMAGE CREDIT: Wiki Commons

As a consequence of all that, perhaps we should more or less ignore the “peace process”. We certainly shouldn’t take a single world that Hamas says as truth. Now that may be deemed heartless, warmongering and even immature. However, if Western Leftists and left-liberals hold on to all this talk of “peace”, “peace processes” and “peace talks” simply to feel pious and humane, then that’s their prerogative. Similarly, as I said earlier, militant Leftists (i.e., Trotskyists and communists) know that there is no peace process with Hamas. They also know that such talk works to the Muslim Brotherhood organisation’s advantage.

No: talk of “peace” works against peace; just as it would do with al-Qaeda and as it did do with Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s. So if all that’s immaturity and “warmongering”: then so be it. We should believe in immaturity and warmongering when it comes to Hamas; just as Winston Churchill believed in warmongering when it came to the Nazis.

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