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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Newcastle councillor, Dipu Ahad, investigated for anti-white racism

A Muslim councillor in Newcastle, by the name of Dipu Ahad , has been (informally) questioned by the police about a Twitter message he posted which referred to all the supporters of the EDL as 'white' and 'thick'. (Dipu Ahad has been classed as an 'anti-racism campaigner'.)

As for the actual message itself: it's an image of a loaf of bread which contains the words 'white and 'thick' on its packaging and which was aimed at all supporters of the EDL.

Now if this message has nothing to do with race, why did Dipu Ahad use the word 'white' at all?

The message is also bigoted in the arrogant and smug way it simply assumes (as snobby Leftists also do) that all EDL supporters are 'thick' as well as white. Now that kind of racism and bigotry simply won't be very good for Community Cohesion, will it? And what about Embracing the Diversity that is the EDL? Or is that the wrong kind of Diversity?

Anyway, it's about time the police started to note the large amount of anti-white racism which occurs on our streets, as well as in our universities, mosques, council offices, etc. It's also about time that people realised that, believe it or not, whites can be the victims, not just the perpetrators, of what are now called 'hate crimes'.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said:

“We are investigating a complaint from a member of the public about a message on social networking site Twitter.

“We can confirm we have spoken to several parties about this message and enquiries are on going to determine if any offence has been committed.”

Despite all that, “investigating a compliant”, as well as acknowledging that the police has “spoken to several parties” on the subject, is in no way (as yet) a formal investigation. In fact it could quite easily result in no action whatsoever from the police. Indeed it probably will result in no action whatsoever... but who knows.

Rather disingenuously (or deceitfully), Newcastle's Chronicle says that Newcastle City Councilor Dipu Ahad was simply guilty of “mocking the English Defence League”. That's funny. Racial smears against blacks or against brown Muslims aren't usually deemed to be simple cases of 'mocking'. Yet calling all EDL supporters 'white' and 'thick' is simple mockery? How does that work, exactly? If I were to say that every Muslim is brown and thick, would that be seen as mere mockery too? Of course not! What if I said that all black footballers are black and thick?... Do I need to answer that?

The Chronicle also says that the racist message “is alleged to have been shared on social media”. Either the Chronicle is being legally-minded, or it's being biased again. Hundreds of people have seen this message: so why the word 'alleged'? Simply placing it on Twitter means that you have shared it – full stop. In fact Dipu Ahad re-tweeted his message to his 538 Twitter 'followers'. That means that at the very least 538 people have seen his message.

Newcastle Council has actually received complaints from the public on this issue. That's not a surprise because Dipu Ahad's racist message conflicts with his role as a Councilor of Community Cohesion, Diversity & Anti-Racism. However, because his racism is aimed at whites, rather than Muslims or blacks, there is, as yet, no formal investigation into the matter.

It seems, then, that both the police and Newcastle Council (or at least the Labour Party section of it) have fully embraced the vague, biased and indeed racist Marxist theory that whites can only ever be racists, not the victims of racism.

For someone who may have well committed a 'hate crime' against whites, it's also ironic that Councillor Dipu Ahad himself has made an official complaint to the police about online racist abuse... against himself. Then again, according to Marxist theory, if whites can only be racists, never the victims of racism, then he's on pretty secure (Marxist) legal ground. In fact Dipu Ahmad is so secure about (Marxist) legal theory that he has given evidence (about being a victim, not a perpetrator, of racism) to the police.

Of course Ahad has received support from Leftists. For example, Tony Dowling, a representative of the largely Trotskyist run and controlled National Union of Teachers (which isn't  to say that all the members of the NUT are Trotskyists), has said that Ahad

“works extremely hard to create community cohesion. I think it’s outrageous he has been questioned by police about it.”

Ah! I was wondering when that abstract god, the god called Community Cohesion, would be mentioned.

Now, as I said, being racist towards whites isn't a good way to bring about Community Cohesion, is it? Though if Tony Dowling is a Leftist (Marxist), which he probably is, he will think that there's no such thing as racism towards whites. It will follow - at least to Tony Dowling it will follow - that what Ahad said simply couldn’t have been racist: by (Marxist) definition! How convenient.

And don't think for one moment that this left-wing snobbery and anti-white racism is only aimed at EDL supporters – it's not. Leftists groups like Hope Not Hate, UAF and the Labour Party itself have already got UKIP supporters firmly in their sights; just as they did with all supporters of the Conservative Party in the 1980s and 1990s. (Since there has been a rise in the number of alternative right-wing and patriotic groups in recent years, the Left has taken its sights off the Conservative Party. It has also done this because the Tory Party is now almost indistinguishable from the Labour Party; save on certain economic issues.)

Now all (non-Leftist) white people in the UK, who numbers literally millions, could be the possible victims of such Leftist racism and bigotry. You can be sure of that. Large sections of the Left (the further Left you go the more this is the case) have always hated the white working class. And now that Muslims have come on the scene, so to speak, and the revolutionaries have (partly) given up on the revolution (as led, of course, by them), there's an outpouring of this previously bottled-up Leftist (middle-class) snobbery towards the white working class. The thing is, they will try to pretend it's all focused on EDL and BNP supporters; but since they've already focused on UKIP supporters, we know that's not true.

She'll be classed as an Uncle (or Auntie) Tom by white, middle-class Leftists.

It's funny really: the Left has been agitating for a “genuinely working-class movement” for decades. And now that there is one, the EDL, they hate it with a perfect and snobby hate. Why? For two main reasons:

i) The EDL isn't a Leftist (Marxist) movement.

ii) More importantly, middle-class Leftists aren't in control of it.


It's also worth noting that Dipu Ahad has previously agitated to ban EDL demos in Newcastle and no doubt beyond.

Incidentally, Ahad’s ‘hero’ is the Muslim supremacist and black racist Malcolm X. The official Muslim story is that Malcolm X was a black racist until he embraced Islam. But since when has being a Muslim stopped, for example, Arabs and many other Muslims from being racist? Now I know that Malcolm X wasn't an Arab. Nonetheless, there's a strong and long tradition of black (or anti-white) racism in America which seems to be getting worse by the day. But, like Dipu Ahad's message, it can't be racism, can it? Well, according to (Marxist) theory it can't be racist! But who cares about Marxist theory?


  1. I have gone through the article. Muslims are terrorists or racists- this is totally incorrect. In every community, there are some black sheep. They may be charged but not the whole community.. However, your writing is good. Wish to visit you again.
    Feel free to visit: student housing Leeds

  2. "Muslims are terrorists or racists- this is totally incorrect."

    Where does it say that all Muslims are terrorists or racists in the piece? In fact where does it say that any Muslims are? I think you've read a different article.

    "In every community, there are some black sheep."

    I don't concern myself with either black or white sheep. I concern myself with the ideology/religion of Islam and those who express Islam through their actions and beliefs.

  3. This Dipu Ahad is full of shit & has done nothing about the litter on the streets of Benwell, Grainger Park atea. Just dont get it. Lots of the local residents of the area which he is suppose to look after know that this twat is a racist against the Eastern European community & against the white British community. We have heard him pn many many occasians talking & swearing in Bengali " his mother language ad i knpw the language myself. How the hell has he got back ad a councillor the second time round. "Beats us residents. This idiot is the bigfest hypocritical fool to get voted in again. He goes to the Middle East to demonstrate when hes done f... A.. About the rubbish isdues but just loves being in the chronicle. Members of his famy are eating that pasn leaf, chewing it & then spitting it on the pavement & these are the elderly membets of his family. As a group " we are

    1. Yeah, Walked through The West End the other day, it seems that knocking down all that very deceny housing, citing the need for, 'new homes, which the people from the community can own, giving fantastic views over the Tyne,', was just a lie to knock away the whole place, and now?, Mosques everywhere, Elswick pool, the church in the general hospital graveyard,,who is selling the muslims these sites?, they must be owned by someone?, find out, google,,you seem to want the Future to be handed to you,,seek, names, and then,,if front of those robbed,,ask these hidden ones why?, who?, for what benefit?, this may seem like the end to you guys, but, to me, its quite clear, lets set something up, Geordies Unite?, dont let the left steal all the good words,,:-)