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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Cameron Fishes for Christian Votes

David Cameron, Prime Minister, has recently said that Britain is a Christian country and even that Christians should become more “evangelical”.

But let's forget the inevitable backlash from the Leftist whores-of-Islam who've criticised Cameron for saying things Muslims allowed to say every day of the week about their own religion, Islam (whether in council offices, interfaith meetings, on the BBC, in the Guardian, etc).

This is, I think, the first time that Cameron has been so explicit. Most of the times he's telling us how great Islam is and how literally millions of Muslims “distort' or “misinterpret” their own religion: when their words and deeds don't concur with the bullshit that's spewed out on the interfaith circuit by taqiyya Muslims. 

Cameron should know all about Islam: a senior Muslim adviser told him all about it for about half an hour or so a few years back.

So it's my bet that David Cameron is simply being David Cameron. That is, he's fishing for as many votes as possible. And in order to do that, he knows that he'll have to tailor his message to his many different audiences. So when talking to Muslims, he’ll say X. When he's talking to Christians, he'll say not-X. And, who knows, perhaps when he talks to an audience of both Muslims and Christians he'll say both X and not-X and thus disregard the law of excluded middle.

In other words, Cameron's saying different things to different audiences in order to insure the maximum amount of votes. Pure politics.

It's like Yasar Arafat who said X to his Muslim audiences (in Arabic) and literally not-X to the kuffar.

Cameron is unutterably shallow (politically speaking). He really doesn't have any strong views other than about his own power and career. (Hence his PR background.) He's even far more shallow than Blair, politically; though roughly Ed Miliband's equal.

Nowadays you can only survive in politics if you went to the same public schools, then the same Oxbridge colleges, wear the same suites and even fake a bit of Mockney (or Estuary English). (Though, as yet, Cameron hasn't done the Mockney stuff yet.)

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