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Monday, 25 November 2013

Today the Criticism of Anything & Everything is "Racist"!

The criticism of Pakistani council corruption = “racist”

The criticism of Islam = “racist”

The criticism of Muslims (as Muslims) = “racist”

The criticism of mass immigration = “racist”

The criticism of any aspect of a minority culture/behaviour = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim and African countries = “racist”

The criticism of the prophet Muhammad = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim sexual grooming = “racist”

The criticism of school visits to mosques/interfaith events = “racist”

The criticism of – or jokes about – black football players = “racist”

The criticism of Muslim drug-pushers = “racist”

The criticism of Roma criminality = “racist”

The criticism of Baroness Warsi = “racist”

The criticism of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) = “racist”

The criticism of 'Mo' Ansar = “racist”


Where does all this leave the British people? It leaves us in a dreadful state. A state in which any criticism of Islam, Muslims, mass immigration, Pakistani council corruption, etc. cannot even made made - let alone acted upon. A state in which the British people have been effectively silenced on some of the most important and destructive issues of our day.

And yet the Left thinks that this large-scale criminalising of free speech – this Gulag without walls or bars - will somehow stop or end racism. It will make it worse!

In fact there is a substantial part of the Left that already knows this. They know that the silencing of the British people, etc. will help destabilise society. In a destabilised society it will be easier, they think, to create a revolutionary situation out of which, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new Leftist/progressive state and society can be created. That is, from chaos and inter-communal conflict a “better society” will somehow be formed.

Silencing the (non-Leftist) British people is a means to further radical political and social change. And fanatical and inquisitorial anti-racism is but one tool in that revolution.

Both racism and anti-racism are the absolute prerequisites which many Leftists/progressives require in order to bring about that “more equal” and more "anti-racist" (or non-racist) society. Fighting racism is one to help them bring about a Leftist state and a collectivist society in which the punishments for “racism”, “Islamophobia” and “fascism” will be even more severe than they are now (i.e., the Gulag).

Anti-racism, like racism itself, is another tool in the endless movement of radical/progressive political change which has been ongoing since the 1960s.

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